Frequent errors related to Ethernet Gateways

  • @Daniele

    That's the same thing I thought, but having 4 of them all failing sounds a bit odd....

    Maybe the gateways' DHCP lease runs out, they lose their IP and don't ask it back soon enough?

  • @Avamander That's not a bad suggeation!

    @Daniele Try re-flashing the gateways and see how that works.

  • @skywatch done multiple times during my tests, but nothing changed!

  • @Daniele When you said before you had tried a 'new SD' card, did you flash that card from an image or use a fresh install?

  • @skywatch said in Frequent errors related to Ethernet Gateways:

    d tried a 'new SD' card, did you flash tha

    fresh install

  • @Daniele Then I am out of ideas at the moment, sorry! But I do know the pain you have now. It happened to me a few days ago that a GW just stopped without any real reason. I re-plugged into the pi and all came back up again.

    There is discussion on MS forum about using optiboot bootloader to get full benefit from watchdog timer. There it is said that watchdog is not working in standard 'Chinese' bootloader.

    Maybe worth looking into - its going to be raining here after today (think summer just came and went for us!).... So I should have some time to 'fiddle' a little....

  • I can confirm, chinese nano bootloader does not support watchdog.
    All my nanos have MySBootloader (for this reason and to be able to use OTA update), but I don't want to use it on GWs since it takes 10-15 seconds to start because it searches for a GW in order to chech new OTA updates.
    What I tried is to enable watchdog on a Uno (which in my experiments seems to support watchdog), but till now I haven't found a good way to check ethernet connectivity without interfering with GW functioning.
    Do you have any idea on that?

  • @Daniele Have you tried monitoring it with wireshark?

  • @skywatch said in Frequent errors related to Ethernet Gateways:

    There it is said that watchdog is not working in standard 'Chinese' bootloader.

    Yes, some products ship with the old bootloader.

    You can either use an existing Arduino or an USBASP as an ISP programmer to flash a new bootloader, not tremendously difficult if you just wire it up and press the button in Arduino IDE.

    I still have this question though, instead of watchdog, did you check that your ethernet module/code just renews its DHCP lease? I forgot to do that on one of my projects and had very similar issues. You should also maybe add a piece of code that sends ICMP ping to your gateway every 1h to make sure ARP cache doesn't time out - avoids that issue too.

  • @Avamander could you please post me an example of DHCP renewal?
    I investigated the ICMP ping idea but I've not been able to get something working, since the ping seems to interfere with GW code. Did you manage to use it in a mysensors GW?

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