Communication between 2 pi each running mycontroller

  • If I have 2 different pi machines each running it's own instance of mycontroller, what options are there to forward payload between them?

    Both will be connected to ethernet so that is an option, but how to do it? Is there a better solution?

  • @skywatch why do you need 2 instances?
    If they are on the same ethernet netword, can't you configure one of them to use 2 gateways?

  • @daniele I experimented with 2x gateway with nrf24l01+ but that seemed to be problematic (not power supply related either).

    So now I think I will have one pi for the security sensors only and another for all the rest.

    But then I hit a problem as the pir sensors that will usually turn on lights (via pi1 controller) will also double as a motion sensor when the alarm system is active. So I have to get that message from pi1 to pi2.

  • @skywatch you could probably exchange messages thru MQTT queues, but being you I'd really invest my energies understanding how to use 2 gateways, since this is the standard way and you'll probably get more support for the community.
    By the way, I have 4 gateways in my home (due to connectivity issue caused by concrete walls) and I never had issues with that in MyController.

  • @daniele Thanks for the suggestions. I know I can get the end result I want with operations so probably go that route for now and see what new surprises version 2 brings!

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