• This weekend saw the clocks change by 1 hour in the UK and this got me wondering how mycontroller handles this situation.

    Essentially at 2AM on Sunday the clocks are set back to 1AM.

    So if an event was triggered at 1.30AM and then at 2AM the clocks go back to 1AM, will that event be overwritten and lost?

    How does mycontroller handle this situation?

  • @skywatch MyController does not have any specific control on DST changes. It is all about JVM capabilities in DST changes. AFAIK, JVM supports DST. MyController will overwrite your data for that hour. I do not have any idea about timers, alerts, or other scheduled operations on this duration?

  • @jkandasa Thanks that.

    I guess that if something is set for say 01:20 then presumeably it would trigger twice in this situation.

    I will keep this in mind if ever I have a situation where it might be an issue.

  • MOD


    Or not at all in springtime when the clock will jump forward from 1AM to 2AM... that change in time will never see 1:30AM....

    Time to get rid of DST 😉

  • @Tag Absolutely right.

    Initially i was worried about losing sensor data with the clocks moving and then wondered about actions in this period.

    I wonder if all controllers have the same issue or if one or more have a work around to mitigate the issue?

    I'll have a look but have not much free time for a while now.

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