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  • High Pressure.....

    I just saw in the news that we had the highest atmospheric pressure for decades here in the UK today. It is reported at over 1050 millibars (or hectopascals) and when I got home I immediately checked MyController to see if the BME280 had caught this rare event.....

    It did! - Here is a screen shot of how it happened today.....


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  • RE: Cannot upload new image.

    @skywatch Yup! - As always you have fixed it promptly. 🙂

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  • RE: Mycontroller 2.x ideas

    @jkandasa Somwthing else I'd like to see within the controller is a facility to get user defined updates (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly) from an NTP server with added function to push updated time to an attached RTC module. Also for MYC to determine if NTP time is available and if not use the RTC as time source.
    The DS3231 is the most popular of the 'reasonable' RTC modules and is relatively cheap too.

    So in summary something in the settings to allow/enable use of RTC and to select how often to update system/RTC time. Then also a test of NTP connectivity and if lost switch to RTC time (or maybe use RTC time all the time if available).

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  • RE: Programmatically reboot a node

    @Daniele That is the opposite of what I have - here my GW is 'up' in mycontroller but node 0 is 'down' and yet it is working perfectly with myc and all nodes!

    If this is a random thing I would suggest triple checking all connections individually to ensure they are tight and no movement at all can happen. I took out a DC barrel connector and replaced it and things got a lot better from just that one change.

    I also put the arduino watchdog on the GW node as another way to recover from any 'hangs'.

    I added the previously posted operations as another way to tackle problems with the gw, but not sure how to tell if it is working as expected!

    Finally I upgraded the pi from stretch to buster and fully updated everything.

    Since then I have had 7-8 weeks without any issues (previously 1-2 weeks was about all I could hope for).

    I still have a ups on my to do list. That will happen soon I hope.

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  • RE: Programmatically reboot a node

    @Daniele Aha! - OK then. Here is what I did to try and stop this issue causing problems......


    Then under operations I added the name for the following operation....


    With this running in the controller and the watchdog enabled on the uno gateway node I seem to have a good and stable result for the last 7 or 8 weeks.

    Maybe someone else has a better way to do it? If so, I'll be interested as well!

    Once the GW is reloaded you can then send reboot command using info in my first post to any node you want.

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  • RE: Programmatically reboot a node

    @Daniele I can't help with an example but I did just have a look to see if I could help and found what I think you are wanting.

    Just go in mycontroller to <resources>, <operations> and there you can make an operation with the drop down options to send a reboot to a particular node.



    Under operation, type = payload.
    Under Resource node followed by your desired node.
    Under payload - Reboot. You can add a delay as well here if you want.

    Then go to <rules> and add a rule to trigger the operation.

    Hope this helps.

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  • RE: Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

    Thank you!! All mycontroller forum members, Merry Cristmas, and all the best for 2020!!

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  • Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

    Just wanted to wish all of you who celebrate one or both a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
    Good health and good luck to you all in 2020! 😉

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  • RE: high cpu load after some time

    I don't think it is MyController causing the issue. It usually hums along with 4-10% on my pi 3B+. This is with no other servers etc running and only a small python script to control it's own cooling fan.
    Try disabling all other running items and see if that helps. If it does, re-enable them one by one until you find the culprit!

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  • RE: MyController version "1.5.0.Final" released

    YEAH!!! thank you for the cristmas present!! 🙂
    Will upgrade right away!

    Works like a charm as always!! thank you!!

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