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  • RE: 1.4 Final gui issue


    In your mail!, diff output, and both index.html files.

    Many thanks for the great support!!

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  • RE: Speeding up nginx mycontroller proxy

    @Avamander It would be great to have a tutorial on how to do this in a step-by-step type instruction. 😉

    I tried it today and got to a dead end. I maybe will try again later.

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  • RE: 1.4 Final gui issue

    Appologies for the long time it took to start testing, below are my findings...

    • mylib is in the www tree, but it did not make any differernce.

    What did i do to make it work in 1.5....

    • installed version 1.5 snapshot
    • all works however still need to restore my database on this version

    restored my database,

    • Suddenly all menu items are not working anymore and look like the screenshot at the top of this topic.

    When i copy the index.html from the 1.4 snapshot version suddenly my menu items are redable and look like they should.

    so something was changed in the index.html file since 1.4 final.... but what....

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  • Arduino IDE 1.8.9 available.

    For those who like to keep up to date with their software.....I have used it and its working well for me.

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  • RE: Please help me fix MyController on a Raspberry Pi that is very sick due to a full SSD

    @TomG Thanks - I have a few pi2 running like that as they can't boot from SD, so I know how you do that.

    I have thoughts on what I can do next, but it is Mothers Day here tomorrow and I will be busy all weekend 😞

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  • RE: Please help me fix MyController on a Raspberry Pi that is very sick due to a full SSD

    @TomG Don't worry about it for me - I was responding line by line and only later learned you were booting from SD, so not of interest to me...... I'll keep trying with ssd boot or try another cctv app.

    Thanks for the offer though! 🙂

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  • RE: Please help me fix MyController on a Raspberry Pi that is very sick due to a full SSD


    I didn't move the image from the SD card to the SSD. I created a new partition on the SSD and used rcp to copy the root partition from the SD to the SSD (there is more involved to make this work).

    Please can you tell me more on this? I have tried and tried to get it to boot meos from ssd without any luck (cmdline.txt with root=/dev/sda1 and various other connotations)..... The dev is no help at all despite many people with the same issue 😞 .
    Jkandasa is a god in comparison to this guy. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    My boot partition is still on the SD. I couldn't get the Pi to reboot with the entire system on the SSD (it worked fine from a power cycle).

    I have experienced the exact same thing. But now sometimes it will reboot, just that it is not at all reliable. So I only do this when I am home and near the pi just in case 😉

    booting from the SD and having the running system on the SSD accomplished that goal.

    I may have to do this too then. Pity to waste an SD card for something that is supported by the pi though. Sooner or later this will have to be done.

    Camera support in MyController would be nice, however Motioneye does a good job.

    Yes. I just think that we could use mysensors to control diy pan/tilt stepper or servo controls that would be nice. To have just one page with video image, pan/tilt
    and other related controls in one place would be good. You could turn on the lights and instantly see confirmation in the video window.....

    My Pi has 3 heat sinks and a case with a fan. It is possible the fan failed, but I won't know that for a couple of months when I travel to the location with the system.
    You can use mcagent to keep a record of cpu temperature. I use this and always know if the fan stalled or got something stuck in it!
    My one Raspberry Pi has enough storage and CPU performance to handle both programs, but that didn't make it a good idea.
    Nor a bad one, just a learning curve of experience! 😉

    Thanks much for your thoughts and suggestions.
    You are welcome. I am no genius with this stuff but it doesn't stop me trying to help people! 😉

    A little bit late now I suppose, but you can limit the the storage used my meos in the settings. Or send that data to a remote ftp server.

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  • RE: Please help me fix MyController on a Raspberry Pi that is very sick due to a full SSD

    @TomG @jkandasa

    Sorry to hear about the problem TomG - I have 2 things to add to this....

    1. Did you manage to resize the image once it was on the SSD? I have copied my SD card across but only the SD card size seems to be available. Maybe someone knows how to resize image on ssd (not the same as SD card procedure).

    2. I have motioneye on a separate pi to mycontroller. I have asked if image streams from this could be accommodated in mycontroller 2 in the future. I think it would be good to have a page in mycontroller that either has an embedded image from a camera with us being able to see the room we want to control and add buttons to control the camera pan/tilt (all easily done with mysensors and a couple of small stepper motors).

    Or, have mycontroller be able to show video in full window with selected control buttons overlaid on the image. Again we can then see if the lights really do turn on etc.....

    Getting back to the problem, do you have a good quality power supply for the system? Motioneye alone is a power beast and needs a good stable power supply. Also, what are you doing about heat? Again motioneye generates a lot of heat on the CPU and even with the largest heatsink it gets very hot. I will be re-housing mine soon to add a fan as well as it is one of the few pi machines here without one (and it seems it would benefit greatly from one)!...

    Just some thoughts....

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  • RE: Ghost Nodes (Eeeek!).

    @Daniele Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

    I still use the bootloader that is installed in China, so not the issue for me. I also specify node ID in the sketch to avoid issues with getting it assigned from the GW.

    I have had a much better experience lately with new quality power supply, but still had a weird crash this week.

    I woke to find the pi running, activity light flashing as it normally does, but no web page served, no ssh access and no activity light on the SSD.

    Within a few days I will re-build removing as many dupont connectors as I can and soldering wires instead. It's really the last thing I can think of, but I am seeing things improve which is a good thing! 😉

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  • RE: gpio shutdown from within mycontroller?

    @jkandasa Thanks for thinking about it.

    It is really not a problem, more a case of ''I wonder if that would be possible". I can load a python script at startup and use that to monitor the gpio pins to run the shudown script.

    Do you think it will be an issue with mcagent also running? Could there be a conflict with both python and mcagent trying to access the gpio ports?

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