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  • RE: Remote access to MCv2 Dashboard

    @wint0178 FWIW I run a local wireguard server on a pi (docker image) - works well and simple to set up! - As a bonus you get to all your local lan devices and service securely.

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  • Raspberry Pi 5 announced

    Raspberry pi 5 has been unveiled and is now available to pre-order.

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  • arduino IDE 2.2.1 available

    I just noticed that a new arduino IDE was available and thought you guys and gals might like to know too...

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  • RE: Backup Config

    @JeeLet said in Backup Config:

    1 : the cycles of backup program overwrites the old backups ? or it is incremented ?

    Each backup is a full snapshot of MC. Each is written individually. You can choose how many backups you want to keep to save disk space. In the example above it is 8 backups shown in the "Retention count" option.

    So if you backup daily you will always have the last 8 days snapshots available. If you backup hourly you will have the last 8 hours available.

    Hope that is clear for you!

    2 : for the restoration, example.
    ---- installs new-----
    - a new blank installation of myC

    • copy and create the directory /opt/backups/ with the backup in it, then launch : Settings-->Backup Restore

    This restores the entire MC snapshot with all the settings and data preserved.

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  • RE: Webcam and MyController

    @jkandasa While looking at this it would be nice to be able to overlay basic pan/tilt/zoom controls over the image (or on the page if the video is windowed) - also sensor data like motion sensors too....

    I use motioneye for cameras as they are motion triggered and have editable exclude masks for trees etc that constantly trigger in the wind. If you want to test an idea to get motioneye feeds working too I can try it out.

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  • RE: miscellaneous question

    your issue could be in a number of places but if it helps for the BH1750 sensor I use V_LEVEL and S_LIGHT_LEVEL

    MC does not need to know what the units are as you can change this to whatever you want.

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  • RE: miscellaneous question

    @JeeLet said in miscellaneous question:

    So I test and test, I add and remove regularly nodes and gateway, MyC and put to the test, but it holds good 🙂
    Well, today I had to start over on a clean beach, a clean reinstall, the ghost nodes did not want to leave

    after 2 hours still nothing on the node55 (test reset reboot)
    I reloaded the sketch and MyC recognized the 55!

    I have had 'ghost nodes' in MC ver 1.6.0 - These are nodes showing in the list that do not exist in real life. I am hoping that a new SSD sata to USB adapter has cured this for me. Note I also went from 2 gateways back to one. Even with external power supply there was still an issue on booting with both gateways attached.

    If you are testing a lot of things please remember to use the mysensors 'clear eeprom' before reusing a node or gateway, it can cause issues if previous data stored in there (like routing table) are not removed before re-flashing. Maybe you already do this, but is worth mentioning anyway.

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  • Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !!!

    Just to wish those who celebrate it a Happy Christmas and of course a Happy New Year to you all!

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  • Arduino 1.8.19 available

    Now available for download on the arduino web site.....

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  • PuTTY 0.76 released.

    New version of ssh client/server for x64 x86 and arm is now available.

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