MyController via smartphone

  • Hi,

    I'm using MyController since two years now and it's running very stable. Thank you very much for this great software.

    I wonder, if there's a way to better use MyController through smartphone device. The generated webpages are often too large (and buttons too small) to be used efficiently on smartphone.

    is there a feature to have the pages be more smartphone friendly? or any other solution to optimise usage on smartphone (through specific applications)?

    I thank you in advance !

  • @dr_pub Thank you for your support!
    For now, there is no smartphone application or other workarounds (AFAIK).
    Community member might have a workaround.

    I will try to address mobile app for 2.x release. For now, there is no timeline for 2.x release

  • A sort of API would be sufficient and one could create webpages for smartphone on another webserver, just extracting the data/images from mycontroller.

    I have not had a look, but I imaging that this should not be such a deep change in the current software?

    thanks !

  • @dr_pub Yes a sort of API is enough and we have APIs already.
    We are going to restructure our MyControler completely in 2.x version,
    So I do not want to invest much time with the mobile application for 1.x version
    2.x version will come with the mobile application.

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