1.4 Final gui issue

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    Hi All,

    Today I installed 1.4 final, and all good, however if i restore my database the gui changes to this... and nothing works anymore, (so prior to the restore 1.4 final works!!)

    Screenshot 2019-01-24 at 19.26.57.png

    What can this be...... (for now i will revert to 1.4 snapshot)

  • @Tag Can you clear cache in your browser?
    If error repeats, Do you see any error on the MyController log file? can you send browser console error message?

  • MOD


    • Cache cleared -> still the same
    • No errors in the mycontroller logfile

    I think you mean this from the browser console:

    Screenshot 2019-01-24 at 19.47.35.png

  • @Tag Seems like you have mylib directory in your old installation. can you copy that directory into your new installation?

  • MOD

    Appologies for the long time it took to start testing, below are my findings...

    • mylib is in the www tree, but it did not make any differernce.

    What did i do to make it work in 1.5....

    • installed version 1.5 snapshot
    • all works however still need to restore my database on this version

    restored my database,

    • Suddenly all menu items are not working anymore and look like the screenshot at the top of this topic.

    When i copy the index.html from the 1.4 snapshot version suddenly my menu items are redable and look like they should.

    so something was changed in the index.html file since 1.4 final.... but what....

  • @Tag that is strange!
    can you send working index.html file to me?
    or you may run

    diff index_1.4.html index_1.5.html

  • MOD


    In your mail!, diff output, and both index.html files.

    Many thanks for the great support!!

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