Hi All,

    Today I installed 1.4 final, and all good, however if i restore my database the gui changes to this... and nothing works anymore, (so prior to the restore 1.4 final works!!)

    Screenshot 2019-01-24 at 19.26.57.png

    What can this be...... (for now i will revert to 1.4 snapshot)

  • @Tag Can you clear cache in your browser?
    If error repeats, Do you see any error on the MyController log file? can you send browser console error message?

  • MOD


    • Cache cleared -> still the same
    • No errors in the mycontroller logfile

    I think you mean this from the browser console:

    Screenshot 2019-01-24 at 19.47.35.png

  • @Tag Seems like you have mylib directory in your old installation. can you copy that directory into your new installation?

  • MOD

    Appologies for the long time it took to start testing, below are my findings...

    • mylib is in the www tree, but it did not make any differernce.

    What did i do to make it work in 1.5....

    • installed version 1.5 snapshot
    • all works however still need to restore my database on this version

    restored my database,

    • Suddenly all menu items are not working anymore and look like the screenshot at the top of this topic.

    When i copy the index.html from the 1.4 snapshot version suddenly my menu items are redable and look like they should.

    so something was changed in the index.html file since 1.4 final.... but what....

  • @Tag that is strange!
    can you send working index.html file to me?
    or you may run

    diff index_1.4.html index_1.5.html
  • MOD


    In your mail!, diff output, and both index.html files.

    Many thanks for the great support!!

  • @jkandasa Hello and first of all many thanks for this great work! I am setting up a sensor network in my home based on MySensors and find this project the best compared to FHEM, OpenHAB, Home Assistant (which I all tried out...).

    I have the same problem when I call the GUI. But it occurs to me only on an old iPad 3, which I wanted to use as public display. The installation of "1.4 final" from your download section and also the iPad were set up from scratch. The problem persists after restarting the server and clearing all Safari settings. On other browsers (actual Chrome, Safari, mobile Safari) the display is OK. Side note: I have not yet installed a certificate for https, but I don't know if this is important.

  • MOD

    @Matt said in 1.4 Final gui issue:

    e problem persists after restarting the server and clearing all Safari settings. On other browsers (actual Chrome, Safari, mobile Safari) the display is OK. Side note: I have not yet installed a certificate for https, but I don't know if this is important.

    Hi Matt!,
    First of all welcome to mycontroller and mysensors!!,

    I have solved the issue in this post

    In short my problem that 2 lines in the Utilities --> HTML additional headers --> Scriptfiles section.
    I solved it by making it just one line.

    You might want to check if this is what is happening on your system.

  • @Tag @jkandasa
    I have done a bit fault finding and want to share my results with you.

    First, the issue you mentioned in which two lines were calling the same script did not apply in my case. So I looked further.

    When I connect an iPad 2 or iPad 3 (=iOS 9) the page does not load properly. The behaviour is independent of whether I am running Safari, Edge, iCab or Firefox. I see only the view as above (which is the same view that one gets when index.html is loaded without the web server running). So my guess was that processing the code of the page did not complete properly.

    I hooked the old iPad via "Developer Options" to desktop Safari and looked at the debugger.

    With iOS9 I get an error in ../www/_configurations/additional.js, line 8: Unexpected Identifier aModules.
    If I watch the expression "aModules", it says aModules: [Exception: ReferenceError: Can't find variable: aModules]

    With actual iOS 12 I don't get this error message, the page loads perfectly. The value is then aModules=[0].
    So it is somehow client-dependent.

    From the comment "...is automatically generated..." in file "additional.js" I concluded by means of a full text search that the file additional.js is generated by the source text file SettingsUtils.java.

    As the folder ../www/_configurations with all files inside (among them additional.js) is created on every server start, I cirumvented this problem temporarily by overwriting the freshly generated additional.js with a backup version that comments out most of the code (=all between line 8 and 24) and which adds the desired result aWorkingModules=[]; before the last line angular.resumeBootstrap(aWorkingModules); is called. Of course this procedure will not allow me to include my own scripts later, but I can at least use an iPad 2 to display the GUI for the time being.

    To me it looks as if older iOS cannot properly deal with the variable aModules. Newer versions seem to assume an empty string, while older iOS versions throw an error, which prevents the page from loading correctly.

    I kindly ask whether there is a way to prevent this error from occurring in later versions of MyController.

    Kind regards, Matt.

  • @Matt Thanks for the detailed information. Do you have any custom settings?
    If yes, can you share HTML additional headers(on UI) details used in your instance?

  • @jkandasa
    If you ask whether I have included my own scripts: No.
    It is just a "virgin install" without any customizations.
    The four fields displayed in the GUI under Utilities- HTML additional headersare all empty.

    Edit: Oh, and if some testing on old hardware should be required, no problem! I will be happy to try things out. The only limiting factor might be my little to non-existing programming skills 🙂

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