• Hi,
    I'm very happy qith mycontroller and I'm adding more and more nodes to my network.
    MyController is on a Raspberry pi3, and sometimes I noted odd workload spices.
    In a pair of situation I also had to reboot the raspberry.

    I'm actually using 2 ethernet gateways, without MQTT in the middle.
    Would it be better enabling also an MQTT queue between the gateways and the controller?
    Does this affect performances in some way?

  • @Daniele From what I have seen this is normal operation. The spikes you see I assume are from mcagent reporting CPU usage. Whilst it can usually keep around 5-6% for me, sometimes it will suddenly start doing peaks every hour/90mins/2hours. I can't see any reason for this and just assumed it was some internal housekeeping of the memory/db etc.

    As for the need to restart, I had that yesterday after it stopped responding. Look into the logs and see if you see anything obvious in there. Otherwise it might be power supply related. I had a few pi builds that would sometimes give errant behaviour and even though I got 2.5A power supplies, they were not good quality ones.

    On all those 'problem' pi builds, I bought better power supplies and all the issues went away. I have a new power supply to add to the MyController pi as soon as I get some regulators as I will build a UPS at the same time so that power brown-out and black-outs will not be such a problem.

    As to the MQTT being a solution, I do not know about that, sorry.

  • @Daniele MyController performance in RPI based on metrics retention information, if you keep default metrics retention settings, you may not face such performance issue.
    Yes, you can enable MQTT.

  • Currently I have even reduced the default retention parameters, so this shouldn't be the cause.
    Do you expect any performance difference using or not mqtt?

  • @Daniele Personally I do not see any performance difference/issue when using MQTT.

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