• Build download location

    New features:

    • Supports MySensors 2.0.0
    • Added new dashboard widgets
      • Custom buttons
      • Custom widget
      • Heatmap charts
      • Groups
      • Display image file
    • Rooms detail (sensors based on rooms)
    • Topology graph
      • Displays real time connection about things as topology graph
      • Displays how things connected in MyController database
      • Gives quick view about resource status and details with color indication
    • New network support
      • Sparkfun - Will do poll https://data.sparkfun.com and storing as local sensors. Now you can perform actions based on this sensors data.
    • Send raw message support
    • Alarms renamed as Rules with new feature support.
      • Script based condition test
      • Multiple conditions support
    • Timer supports multiple Operations
    • Scripts support
      • Comes with Java Script, Groovy support
      • We can add Python and Ruby support by adding a jar file
    • Added About page to know about MyController
    • Added list available Script Engines page
    • Added support to add custom style sheet, js file and angular js custom controller for Custom widget
    • Template supports for Email and Custom widget
    • Variables repository to use it in Scripts and in templates
    • UID Tags can refer Sensor variable with unique name. used in scripts
    • Send data to External servers, supports for Emoncms.org, Influxdb, Sparkfun[phant.io]
    • Node registration support
    • Email supports for STARTTLS
    • MQTT broker control moved to GUI. Now with out stopping MyController you can enable/disable MQTT broker
    • MQTT broker supports for authentication and topics level control for per user
    • Added encryption to store user's password in database
    • Sensor variable's unit, metrics type are editable. Also can configure graph settings for each Sensor variable
    • Offset support #209
    • Sensor widgets in order #220
    • Rules, Timer, Operations clone option in GUI #201
    • Test Email settings #192
    • More dashboard layouts #164
    • Optional main menu #163
    • Automation geolocation #143
    • locale support. new languages added (https://transifex.com/mycontrollerorg/)[see here]
    • and many more


    • Units removed from user control. Still user can select Units for each resource.

    List requests resolved

    Commit changes from last release

    How to upgrade from 0.0.3-alpha1 to 0.0.3.Alpha2

    Note: Upgrade supports from 0.0.3-alpha1. Older than this release will not support for upgrade.

    Before moving to 0.0.3.Alpha2 version,

    • Take a backup (1)
    • Stop 0.0.3-alpha1 server
    • Extract 0.0.3.Alpha2
    • Restore backup from (1)
    Steps to take backup:
    • Navigate to Settings -> Backup.

    • Click on Settings. add location where you want to keep backup files. save

    • Click on Run backup

    Steps to restore:
    • after backup completed successfully. Stop MyController from command line
    • Now extract MyController 0.0.3.Alpha2 version on different location.
    • Start new version of MyController
    • Configure backed up file location on our new installation
    • Now old backup file will be listing in our new installation
    • Click on the file and run restore in action
    • after successful restore change mycontroller/conf/mycontroller.properties manually compare to latest version
    • start the server manually from command line.
    • After successful migration compare and change your mycontroller/conf/mycontroller.properties file with latest file.

    Enjoy 🎈

    Do not forget to file issues on https://github.com/mycontroller-org/mycontroller/issues

    Thank you for your support

  • MOD

    Upgraded 2 days ago, works like a charm!!
    still the best controller out there, and keeps getting better!!

  • Did a fresh install after removing Alpha1 and works great!!!

  • MOD


    Using the alpha2 release from the start, and it is a really great piece of software!!
    Still very happy with it!

    Question, when will it go to beta state or maybe a final release?
    Hopefully the community will grow once it is out of alpha release.

    Keep up the great work!!


  • Hi, after looking at the MyController.org contribution to the MySensors controller comparison I had a doubt about the impressive list of controller features and level of MySensors support.
    After a few hours playing I had to adjust my opinion. This is impressive!

    The learning curve is a little steep so I need some more time.. and share my observations.


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