• Re: MQTT sample setup on ESP8266

    I'm using the sketch provided here (https://github.com/mycontroller-org/MyControllerDevice) to send messages to a MQTT Broker (mosquitto) and Hass.io as controller, but I found some differences between how this sketch provide mqtt topics and how Hass.io spect to recive.
    I saw that this messages are received by mycontroller with success, but when I send to Hass.io, nothing appears.
    Finding help with this issue, I'm able to check that in MyControllerDevice/Messages.h there are some definitions like: #define V_TEMPERATURE "V_TEMP", and on the MySensors/Message.h there are enuns that "translate" V_TEMP = 0.
    Hass.io subscribe to mqttgw1-in/+/+/0/+/+, and MyControllerDevice skecth provide something like out_rpiagent/rpi-gpio/temperature_ds18b20/C_SET/V_TEMP/0
    Is possible to use MyController Sketch and send messages in "numeric" style ?

  • @kadu Yes, it is possible. But in MyControllerDevice node and sensor name will be in the string format. Other than this I can move to numeric style. Is that works for you?

    Update: You may set node and sensor name in numeric string. It looks like numeric, but it is a string.

  • @jkandasa node and sensor can be string no problem. I'll apreciate and thankfull for that.

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