Batch push sensor data once network is available

  • I'm running MyController on an orangePi on my local network at home. It's working great at home and I'd like to build a similar network in my old Jeep. I would run an orangePi with a separate mycontroller install in the Jeep. When the Jeep is within range of my home wireless network, it would push all of the data collected since the last successful push to the primary MyController (master) install.

    I haven't completely thought this through, but I'm thinking the sync would only need to go in one direction, but there might be some data or configs that I would like to push to the Jeep.

    In the Jeep, I'd probably want the full MyController install to display an LCD dashboard of all of my sensor data (inside temp, outside temp, car battery voltage, compass, accelerometer, gyros, gps, mpg, speedometer). Once the data is synced with the primary (house based) MyController install, I would make different views to display things like which cars are home, last trip info, battery info.

    I've considered using a 3G module to create a cellular gateway but I really don't need constant connection, I don't want to pay for sim cards and monthly service or reloads. Also, it's possible my vehicle goes out of service area, which means I still need a way to sync data collected while offline. Even in that case, I would rather find a way to push that data through my cellphone.

    Final thought: While my primary use case is collecting vehicle data, I'm also thinking this might work for wearables. It would be amazing to create a tiny wearable network to collect biometric data and/or environment data, then push that when the network is available. (or a pet tracker).

    I'd really appreciate your thoughts and feedback. Thank you.

  • @ncollins Really this is an excellent feature request. At the same time, we need to implement a big logic to sync. Kindly create a request on GitHub page. I will start looking possible ways.

    Thank you for the great idea!

  • Excellent feature!

  • MOD

    :thumbs_up_light_skin_tone: really great feature!!
    Might be that mysensors also need to be modified to push the data in a controlled way to the server if connected...

    Really great idea!!

  • @tag I briefly considered caching data at the node level, but memory limits of the arduino modules and/or the added cost & complexity of having SD Card/FLASH modules at every node seems like a big hurdle.

    But...caching at the gateway or repeater might work out a little better.

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