Howto make Mycontroller sd-card friendly? (Highly experimental!!)

  • @tag This is an awesome information. Thank you for your hard work !!

  • MOD


    Thx!, 🙂
    Will polish up the files and attach them to this post.

  • Hi guys,

    I am back now and just trying to pick up where I left off.

    There was similar issue on another system and moving to btrfs and having the system boot from sd but load the system on ysb stick works great (with added advantage that 'live' full backups can be automated via cron. Maybe something to look into?

    What about using a pi hdd? They are not so expensive and could help a lot with this too......

    Just a thought! 🙂

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    Great tips!, and there are many solutions out there 🙂
    Currently running the database in memory, it works very well, however there is always the topic of dataloss, therefore I schedule regular backups (every 6 hours). It is a "proof of concept".

    Will definitely look into Btrfs, it seems that it is "SSD" aware, so this might be a solution, need to figure out how my OPI-0 is able to boot from it.

    Thanks for the tips!! thinking along is always appreciated 😉

  • @Tag.

    I just rememeber that Xbian had similar SD card issues. They moved to btrfs and things suddenly became much better. and running live system backups with cron overnight really makes it for me. So simple to restore from server if needed...

    This week I will look into booting pi3 from usb instead of SD card. Will be fun for sure! 😉

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    Great!, 👍 but keep in mind that an usb stick also has a limited number of writes per physical bit, maybe more compared to and SD card, but it is still not an harddisk/SSD

  • Did this today, but now waiting for WD pidrive to come back into stock......

    FWIW I still get crashes 😞

    Will post about that in troubleshooting.....

  • Any news about this topic?
    Just a remark: Dietpi has an inbuilt option to make the filesystem only readable.

  • Hi @tag!

    Is it possible to move the RAM also to the InfluxDB database?

  • MOD


    Hi, I assume you mean putting the influx database in ram?.
    yes that should be possible since this is just a ram disk.... but take precautions to powerfailures... power-off = data gone.....

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