How to change Gateway without doing all from the beginning

  • Hello

    I was wondering how it is possible to change gateway without remaking all rules, operations, dashboards etc...
    My gateway is another ethenet raspberry pi with a different name (and no I don't want just to change the name on the new one to give the name of the old one)

  • MOD

    Hi!, not sure if that can be done by using a different name....
    I have changed my gateway multiple times, between ttyUSB0 (attached arduino) to mysgw running on the board itself (ttyMysensorsGateway) but i always kept the same name....

  • thanks for your answer
    Anyone else with a different answer? 🙂

  • @bmanos You can edit anything in the gateway including the name. But do not delete. internally MyController uses a unique id for the gateway.

  • Ok thanks @jkandasa and @Tag ,
    But I made the following:
    First I add my second gateway
    After I took a backup open the script file and just reverse the id of the gateway
    Then I restore the backup and it seems to work just fine

    Is the gateway id relate to something else that I should also change??


  • @bmanos

    Is the gateway id relate to something else that I should also change??

    Changing gateway id by the user is not recommended. Internally it is referred in so many places.
    In your case, still, you have both gateways and you have reversed the ids, so it works.

    Simple fix for this, editing the old gateway with new settings on the GUI.

  • thanks @jkandasa

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