Hi CPU usage on OrangePi Zero (256Mb)

  • Hello,

    Could someone help me to find why the system always uses around 98% of CPU?
    UPD: Some more datails:
    1 mysensors gateway
    1 attached sensor
    no other special logic, I've just installed the app.
    After some time orange pi stops to respond


  • @xinuz Seems your orange pi has only 256 MB RAM, where MyController itself takes 150MB. OS and other tasks might take some more memory. I hope 512MB orange PI performs well. @Tag might have good experience on Orange PI

    You can reduce MyController memory usage by changing HEAP_MAX=-Xmx150m to something like HEAP_MAX=-Xmx100m (100MB) on the file bin/start.sh

  • Thanks. I changed mysgw configuration to use an interrupt (https://www.mysensors.org/build/orange#improving-throughput-for-nrf24). So now it takes much less CPU. After that, all processes take around 105Mb of memory and around 10-30% of CPU.

  • MOD


    (Sorry missed this topic...)

    I am using the interrupt driven mysgw also, and it really lowered the CPU usage.
    Another option which i used temporarily on my 512Mb Opi Zero is add an arduino with the radio wired to the arduino ports and attach this to the usb port of the Opi-Zero, this brings the cpu usage really down.

    Hope this helps.....

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