Mycontoller on a stm32 with rf24 Mesh lib

  • Hello guys, sorry if I'm posting it on the wrong place!
    I manage to configure the rf24mesh lib for arduino to run on a STM32 MCU, STM32F401RET6 Núcleo 64 to be more specific!

    Now that the mesh network is finally working, I want to use it on a controller and the best one so far was the MyController!
    Unfortunately, I'm not having much luck...

    Well the mesh network works similar with the MySensors lib, with nodeID and Network Address, and I was able to connect the Gateway with the Mycontroller with no problem.

    Wthe thing is, I cant connect the nodes or the sensors!!
    Any help would be apreciated

    Thank you!!

  • @Darvos What is the gateway type are you using? Do you see any error on log file?

  • I got it working already! Just need to replicate de output data to de gateway! (1;0;8;38;25) something like this !

    It's working know! I'm gonna let my work about mesh networks with the arm Mcu at the mbed site!
    Thank you very much, wonderful work at the controller !

  • @Darvos Thank you! You may opensource your library someone will get the benefit.

  • oh, I will.. don't worry!! i really pass thru difficult times while programming this god forsaken chip!! but now it works like a charm, and its 8 times better than any arduino!!

    Can I alterate the Mycontroller program to my will? I like the interface and all but I'm Brazilian and there is are a few things I need to translate besides what is already translated! And maybe put another functions at the software!

  • @Darvos You can improve existing translation if you find any issue.

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