• Hello, does not send email using Timers. The log is this: ERROR [Quartz_Scheduler_Worker-8] [org.mycontroller.standalone.operation.model.OperationSendEmail:145] Timer will not support for this operation

    Test email in settings was sent okay. Version 0.0.3.Alpha2
    What is wrong?
    Thank you and sorry for my english.

  • Now, I recorded a version 0.0.3.Final-SNAPSHOT on Raspberry Pi 3 - same result ... a test email arrives. But email using Timers not leave. Any idea what is wrong?

  • @DaTTcz Yes, Timer will not send email. I believe there is no requirement to send email via timer? If you feel we have requirement sending email on time based let me know I will enable this feature.

  • Hello, you're right. Timers not send email. But it starts operations. The operations would could be placed the test button.
    I made images settings. Maybe I missed something ...
    0_1477551017971_MyController.org   The Open Source Controller.png

    0_1477551025233_MyController.org   The Open Source ControllerA.png

    0_1477551033516_MyController.org   The Open Source ControllerB.png

  • @DaTTcz Yes, this will not work, because I have disabled sending email from Timer. I will enable it if we have realtime usage. You can see it here

  • Hello, we can only send email by Rules? Based on some changes on GW, Nodes, Sensors ... I understand this correctly? Thank you.

  • @DaTTcz Yes, current design allows send email only with rules. based on your condition.

  • @jkandasa Thank you for the explanation. I tried to create an event when disconnecting Serial GW and it works fine. Email arrive correctly.
    In this experiment, I found that if I unplug the USB Serial GW, MYCONTROLLER server shuts down. I do not know if it has something to do with the used hardware. I made a script that checks whether running proses java and if not then starts the server using your start.sh. Running it through CRON every minute. In practice, probably no one would ever use. But it checks whether MYCONTROLLER server runs, which is good for me.
    Waiting now on radio modules 24L01, so I test things a little different ...
    I like your program more and more. I tried several, but I like yours the most. I hope when I have built some Sensors will work as I need. I'm sorry that you lost your time for me.
    Thank you

  • @DaTTcz Hi, Thank you so much for your interest with MyController. Try disable serial gateway on MyController and unplug. I hope nothing will happen. If you see any errors on mycontroller/log/mycontroller.log please report. Thank you for your support!!

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