Correct way RSSI display in current version

  • How do I display the RSSI in the current version?
    i try on sensor:

    void receive(const MyMessage & msg) {
              if ((msg.type == V_VAR1) || (msg.type == V_VAR5) || (msg.type == I_SIGNAL_REPORT_REQUEST)) {
                PRINTF("-- rssi: %u\n", rssi);
                MY_CRITICAL_SECTION {
                  char *buff = new char[18]{};
                  (void) snprintf(buff, 17, "rssi: %d", rssi);
      // 1.a  _sendRoute(build(_msgTmp, GATEWAY_ADDRESS, MY_NODE_ID, C_SET, V_VAR1, false).set(buff));
      // 1.b _sendRoute(build(_msgTmp, GATEWAY_ADDRESS, MY_NODE_ID, C_SET, V_VAR5, false).set(buff));
      // 1.c _sendRoute(build(_msgTmp, GATEWAY_ADDRESS, MY_NODE_ID, C_SET, I_SIGNAL_REPORT_RESPONSE, false).set(buff));
      // 2.a _sendRoute(build(_msgTmp, GATEWAY_ADDRESS, MY_NODE_ID, C_SET, V_VAR1, false).set(rssi));
      // 2.b _sendRoute(build(_msgTmp, GATEWAY_ADDRESS, MY_NODE_ID, C_SET, V_VAR5, false).set(rssi));
      // 2.c _sendRoute(build(_msgTmp, GATEWAY_ADDRESS, MY_NODE_ID, C_SET, I_SIGNAL_REPORT_RESPONSE, false).set(rssi));
      // 3.a  _sendRoute(build(_msgTmp, GATEWAY_ADDRESS, SENSOR_ID, C_SET, V_VAR1, false).set(rssi));
      // 3.b _sendRoute(build(_msgTmp, GATEWAY_ADDRESS, SENSOR_ID, C_SET, V_VAR5, false).set(rssi));
      // 3.c _sendRoute(build(_msgTmp, GATEWAY_ADDRESS, SENSOR_ID, C_SET, I_SIGNAL_REPORT_RESPONSE, false).set(rssi));
                  delete [] buff;

    not work..

  • @Clone-Tv I think this question is more specific to Mysensors. What is the radio device are you using?

  • It's not about the radio module, it's about the way this topic and its identifiers are sent. I am using nrf24 and Esp. Consider simply sending a statistical value, such as the digit -12. The main thing is that it would appear in the appropriate column in myController.

  • @jkandasa
    Senks, unfortunately I have not seen this post, but together we found a way out of this task 🙂

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