• After I slept on it, I thought that it would suffice to forward all the incoming messages to a specific nodeID, keeping sender nodeID and and sensorID as per original message. Would it be possible with a javascript, and how to trigger it ?

    any suggestion/help much appreciated 🙂

  • @fsgrazzutti This has been irking me too - I'd like a control panel in several places around the house, but there is no easy way to wirelessly connect them all to get the data that I can think of. All need to display data and allow commands to be sent (button push, slider etc.).

    The simple solution would be to have multiple controllers, but then how to sync them up and transfer data/commands in such a scenario?

    I don't have an answer, but you are not alone in wanting this functionality.

  • @skywatch What happens in MyController is that you can select sensor's variables only if they were received by the controller itself.

    A display should be a passive device, but to show its sensors variables, you have to send dummy values to the controller. I do this once, and after some time they disappear from the list. and if you have lots of sensors with lots of variables, it's very likely that your variables get lost.

    but this gives me an idea. Every sensor has a refresh timer to send the full list of values even if they did not change (if they didn't change, I don't send them). I could resend the whole set in that occasion. or just "arm" it when I need it.

    At least my display variables will show up again.

  • @fsgrazzutti I guess it all depends on the use you have in mind. For me I would like a panel to display and control in many rooms. The only way I can think of is to have a pi and screen with wifi and connecting to the main dontroller web server.

    Before I didn't like to use wifi for security reasons, but now I have a radius server (running on a pi) I have 'enterprise' 802.1x that should be as secure as I need.

    Maybe it is an option for your requirement too?

  • @fsgrazzutti I guess you are seeing only 100 items. There is a hard code limit on the backend.


    I have included this limit to improve the overall system performance. Seems this is a bottleneck on your case.
    Let me know, I will try to fix this.

  • @jkandasa thanks for your kind answer.
    It's what I imagined.
    My use case is: Recreational vehicle equipped with 15-20 nodes to monitor resources like air quality, water, batteries, power supplies and chargers, gas, temperature&humidity, gps, heading and inclination and so on.

    So, it's a Smart Mobile Home !

    I chose to build a display node just because the white background of the web interface does not fit really well (too much light during the night, annoying when you drive. But I would have avoided it if I only could 😉 since it's time and nerves consuming, and buy a couple of cheap tablets instead.

    But since I am there, I'd like to keep on using it, so if we could increment it it would be super nice. The same applies to operations and to dashboard, since it'a hard to pick the proper sensor variable when you have about 200 sensor variables, and growing.

    Thanks in advance and keep up the good work !

  • @fsgrazzutti your mobile home looks interesting. Is it running on MySensors library? What is the RF module are you using?

    Sure, I will make the sensor list limitation as configurable.

  • @jkandasa I am using nRF24L01. since the distance is short and there are no RF obstacles.

    Most sensors are base on the Keywish RF-NANO, which is very convenient for non-battery supplied applications.
    The serial gateway itself is just an RF-NANO plugged into the Raspberry Pii where MyController is running.

    So far I've developed:

    with RF-NANO

    1. temperature/humdity sensors
    2. RS485 sensor interfaced with 2 power meters (for inverter and mains)
    3. GPS sensor
    4. water tank level and flow
    5. inclinometer (sleeping and cooking on a inclined plane is no fun).

    with ESP32+nRF

    1. BLE interface to commercial Solar Charger
    2. Wifi interface to commercial Battery Manager
    3. Air Quality Sensor (this works as a Wifi gateway)

    with Arduino Mega + nRF (maybe I'll migrate to ESP32 using WiFi)

    1. touch 3.5" display

    Lights, relays, door locks and alarms to come.

  • @jkandasa did you have any chance to look at the list issue ? now the server is installed in the camper and I look forward to visualize the data on the display 🙂

  • @fsgrazzutti I just fixed https://github.com/mycontroller-org/mycontroller-v1-legacy/issues/511
    Changes are available on SNAPSHOT location.
    Kindly report back the status. Thanks!

  • @jkandasa many thanks ! I will try it and report back to you !

  • @jkandasa it works !
    it is a bit slower than before (30") but it does what I was missing.

    Great job, thank you !

  • @fsgrazzutti increasing RAM might help to speedup. if you have enough ram, you can increase it on the bin/start.sh file.

  • @jkandasa oh good hint. I will try it !

  • @jkandasa increasing the memory did it. thanks again !

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