Video of MyC stops getting data from nodes


    To me it seems like the GW is up, data is being received by the GW and passed to my but all the nodes are showing as down.
    The GW up times are all different so it seems that they are spontaneously rebooting for some reason. But that's another issue 😉

  • @skywatch Sadly I do not see any hint here 😞
    Do values get updated on the sensor page?

  • The sensor values do not get updated.

    The video seemed the best way to clearly show what has happened as it's a pain to explain in detail 😉 If I can show anything more on the next video let me know and I will do it, just have to wait until the next 'crash'!

    What bootloader do you use for your nodes and for your gateway? Maybe there is something in there worth exploring?

  • Happened again and this time it just got a little more weird - now in resources it shows that the GW is up, data is received but the nodes and sensors show no data. But look at the GW in the topography view and it is down. Check again in the resources window and it shows as up. Now I am really confused!

  • @skywatch Looks like you have some error on the log. can you send the mycontroller log and also enable to log raw message of that gateway.

    to enable gateway raw message log:

    What bootloader do you use for your nodes and for your gateway? Maybe there is something in there worth exploring?

    while ago I switched to RFM69, I switched to MY_OTA_FIRMWARE_FEATURE, Dualoptibootbootloader

  • @jkandasa Thanks for the response - I have had to reboot several time so would the logs still have what you want? IF so I can send to you.

    Also it happens on either GW, not just one so I'll enable those logs for both if that's OK?

    Maybe I next need to try the optiboot loader. Would it conflict with signing or encryption at all? AFAIK you can 'only' upload new firmware vie FOTA and not via a programmer once you take that step, is it true?

    Does FOTA play nice with signing nodes and encrypted nodes?

    Thanks 🙂

  • @skywatch Yes, please send those logs. I may get some clues

    Dualoptiboot is an online OTA updater. So all your firmware data are transferred via normal application run time and stored on a external memory.
    On the next reboot it is checking is there any new firmware on the external memory. if a new firmware available loads that into your microcontroller and application boots from the newly loaded firmware.
    I think serial upload will work with dualoptiboot. But I never tested that scenario.
    The problem with dualoptiboot I see is, When there is communication issue at the time of firmware transfer and when you try to push again next time, it says already in latest version. So in this case you have to change the firmware version details in MyController GUI to accept the firmware again. Other than this issue I do not see any.

  • @jkandasa Logs sent and reply received.

    One thing I forgot to mention was that upon a reboot of the pi, one GW would have the sensor of the other GW in it's list but without any details or data.
    They GWs are on different RF channels 10MHz apart and different USB ports (USB0 and USB1) so I am not sure why this happens.. It is always the second GW that seems to get the 'ghost' data intended for the first GW, never the other way around.

  • Intresting thing happened this weekend. The nodes all appeared 'down' again and yet in all screens (resources and topology) the GW was showing as up. It was a mystery. Then, I tried to turn on some lights, it worked.

    So this time MyController is not getting data from the nodes, but is able to send commands to the nodes correctly. I am beyond puzzled by this as it is no longer a GW faliure nor is it a NRF24l01 lock up.

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