• Hi Guys. Liking this controller 🙂 I would like to know how to add in a timer that works like the following:
    I have a bunch of Valves (On/Off)
    Would like the rule to do the below:

    Master Valve - On
    Valve01 - On (Run for 10min); then
    Valve01 - Off; then
    Valve02 - On (Run for 10min); then
    Valve02 - Off; then
    Valve03 - On (Run for 10min); then
    Valve03 - Off; then
    Master Valve - Off

    Any pointers would be a great help.

  • @gouds We can do it in two ways. If you know programming, I recommend to use script to simplify this one. otherwise we can go with UI but it needs more entries.

    I will update soon. Thank you!

  • @gouds

    You can easily configure this sequence with script support. You have to do the followings,

    • Add uid tags for master-valve, valve01, valve02 and valve03. Using this uidtag we can easily access sensor variable from script.
    • Add an entry in Variable repository to check weather this script already running. If yes we can avoid duplicate running (which leads mall function on valve control), we have bug on this https://github.com/mycontroller-org/mycontroller/issues/269
    • Add script on Utilities >> Scripts
    • Create Execute script operation and point this script.
    • Configure a timer based on your requirement and point this operation.
    • Done! 🍰

    UID tags:


    Variable repository entry:


    Script (Javascript😞


    Script source:
    var myImports = new JavaImporter(java.io, java.lang, java.util);
    with(myImports) {
      var valveStatus = mcApi.variable().get("valve-status");
      //Check already running?
      if(valveStatus.value !== 'running'){
        //Update as running
        valveStatus.value = "running";
        mcApi.logger().debug("valve-control script triggered...");
        var masterValve = mcApi.uidTag().getByUid("master-valve").getResource();
        var valve01 = mcApi.uidTag().getByUid("valve01").getResource();
        var valve02 = mcApi.uidTag().getByUid("valve02").getResource();
        var valve03 = mcApi.uidTag().getByUid("valve03").getResource();
        var delayTime = 1000 * 60 * 10; //10 minutes
        //Turn ON master valve and Valve01
        masterValve.value = "1"; //Update master valve ON state
        mcApi.sensor().sendPayload(masterValve); //sensd state
        valve01.value = "1"; //Update valve01 ON state
        mcApi.sensor().sendPayload(valve01); //sensd state
        //Update valve01 is running
        valveStatus.value2 = "value01";
        //Wait time
        //Turn OFF valve01 and turn ON valve02
        valve01.value = "0"; //Update valve01 OFF state
        mcApi.sensor().sendPayload(valve01); //send state
        valve02.value = "1"; //Update valve02 ON state
        mcApi.sensor().sendPayload(valve02); //send state
        //Update valve02 is running
        valveStatus.value2 = "value02";
        //Wait time
        //Turn OFF valve02 and turn ON valve03
        valve02.value = "0"; //Update valve02 OFF state
        mcApi.sensor().sendPayload(valve02); //send state
        valve03.value = "1"; //Update valve03 ON state
        mcApi.sensor().sendPayload(valve03); //send state
        //Update valve03 is running
        valveStatus.value2 = "value03";
        //Wait time
        //Turn OFF valve03 and turn OFF master valve
        valve03.value = "0"; //Update valve03 OFF state
        mcApi.sensor().sendPayload(valve03); //send state
        masterValve.value = "0"; //Update master valve OFF state
        mcApi.sensor().sendPayload(masterValve); //send state
        //Update not running
        valveStatus.value = "stopped";
        valveStatus.value2 = "-";
        mcApi.logger().debug("valve-control script completted...");
        mcApi.logger().warn("valve-control script is already running...");

    Create operation (Execute script😞


    Create timer:


    IMPORTANT: There is bug in variable repository. I'm working on this. Until this issue resolved, updating current status of valve control will not work. You have to care do not run on multiple times. Once this fixed script will take care duplicates.
    Bug: https://github.com/mycontroller-org/mycontroller/issues/269

  • Wow, thanks jkandasa. Was not expecting such a detailed reply. This is great. I went through and completed based on your instructions and i got the following when attempting to execute the script.

    "errorMessage": "TypeError: org.mycontroller.standalone.api.SensorApi@11be5f8 has no such function "sendPayload" in <eval> at line number 23"

    also found a small bug on the timer. (I will log this on the issues register)

  • @gouds Ah ok, I recently changed in 0.0.3.Final-SNAPSHOT as sendPayload but in old version it is sendpayload. Can you change on your script?

    sendPayload >> sendpayload.

    NOTE: When you upgrade to 0.0.3.Final, you have to change it back to sendPayload.

    Or from now you can download and use 0.0.3.Final-SNAPSHOT version from here.

  • Grabed the new distro. Worked a treat. Thanks for your assistance.

  • @gouds said:

    also found a small bug on the timer. (I will log this on the issues register)

    Timer issue has been fixed. you can take latest SNAPSHOT build.


  • Cheers. Ill give this a go.

  • Hi, thanks for your post and example jkandasa,

    I'm getting the following error:

    "Cannot cast org.mycontroller.standalone.db.tables.SensorVariable to org.mycontroller.standalone.api.jaxrs.json.SensorVariableJson"


  • So I updated to 0.0.3.Final you posted. I stopped getting the error about the casting, but now none of my nodes register. Tried rebuilding from scratch re-adding the gateway and allowing it to auto discover. The gateway shows up and is responding but none of the sensor nodes register.

    Tried rebooting the nodes, nothing

    Tried re-flashing the firmware on the nodes, nothing.

    When I go back to 0.0.3-Alpha2 the nodes register and all works but I'm then stuck again with the casting error.


    I feel like its a registration issue, like the nodes are expecting a certain version of controller, but if that's the case how do I resolve that?

    Thanks again.

  • @imedia There is no version control between MyController versions. Did you see any error logs on mycontroller/log/mycontroller.log? I have introduced register node option recently, just check Register nodes automatically is enabled on Settings >> System >> MyController >> Register nodes automatically.

  • OK,

    In the logs on the FINAL version I seem to be getting this error repeatedly:

    ERROR [pi4j-single-executor-0] [org.mycontroller.standalone.gateway.serialport.SerialDataListenerPi4j:79] Exception,

    However, in Resources > Gateways the Gateway shows as connected, and in Resources > Nodes the gateway shows as seen a few seconds ago

    So it looks like the gateway is talking... I also noticed this:

    ERROR [Thread-5] [org.mycontroller.standalone.provider.mysensors.MySensorsProviderBridge:60] Unable to process this rawMessage:RawMessage(gatewayId=1, data==3,pt=0,l=0,sg=0:, subData=null, isTxMessage=false, networkType=MY_SENSORS, timestamp=1478210691023)
    org.mycontroller.standalone.message.RawMessageException: Unknown message format:[=3,pt=0,l=0,sg=0:]
    	at org.mycontroller.standalone.provider.mysensors.MySensorsRawMessage.updateSerialMessage(MySensorsRawMessage.java:139)
    	at org.mycontroller.standalone.provider.mysensors.MySensorsRawMessage.<init>(MySensorsRawMessage.java:68)
    	at org.mycontroller.standalone.provider.mysensors.MySensorsProviderBridge.executeRawMessage(MySensorsProviderBridge.java:58)
    	at org.mycontroller.standalone.message.McMessageUtils.sendToProviderBridge(McMessageUtils.java:562)
    	at org.mycontroller.standalone.message.MessageMonitorThread.processRawMessage(MessageMonitorThread.java:112)
    	at org.mycontroller.standalone.message.MessageMonitorThread.run(MessageMonitorThread.java:191)
    	at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:745)

    If I change nothing and roll back to Alpha2 everything works fine.

  • @imedia Looks like we have issue with pi4j serial driver. Can you please change your gateway driver from auto to JSerialComm and check?

  • That seems to have done the trick thank you!

    Do you think this is a bug or is it specific to my environment? Can I provide anything to you that will help with a resolution if it is a bug?

  • @imedia I guess it should be a bug with recent pi4j driver. Let me setup serial gateway locally and narrow down the issue. Thank you so much for your support!

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