[SOLVED] IR controlled LED advice needed.....

  • I want to control the led lights in the bedroom with the original IR remote as well as from mysensors.

    I decided the best way would to have a node with IR receive and IR transmit in one node. This way if a button is pressed on the leds own remote the node will sense this and decode the signal. So far so good.

    I have no issue sending commands from mysensors to the lights, but what is the best approach to getting the ir commands sent by the remote into mysensors so that I can display the on/off, colour etc status of the lights?

    I could use the sketch on the mysensors forum for ir send/receive/record, but many people have had trouble with that and I don't know if it is supported in mycontroller.

    I would prefer to have all the led controls in one 'window' on the desktop if that is at all possible...

  • @skywatch SO I fixed the issue and now all is working as I want.

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