• Hi to all,

    i'm absolutely newbie at this forum. Today i have installed MyController on Raspi for my first time - easy and works great 🙂
    Then i started to connect my NodeMCU & DHT22 to MyController. At this point no chance to understand how MyController works ... 😕 is there anywhere a userfriendly documentation to understand Gateway / Node / Ssonsor and how it works togehter? For e.g. when i install a Node (my fine working NodeMCU) i don't know what EUI is ...
    So it looks now:
    2019-02-03 21_01_14-MyController.org - The Open Source Controller.jpg
    2019-02-03 21_02_47-MyController.org - The Open Source Controller.jpg 2019-02-03 21_03_14-MyController.org - The Open Source Controller.jpg

    My ESP8266 is configured with ESP Easy Tool and works (show humidty and temp). On ESP i choosed Openhab MQTT.

    Hope someone can help or have any idea.
    Thanks in advance


  • @SmartMark Welcome to MyController community!! 🙂

    What type of library are you using in your sketch(Node)? can you post your node sketch?

    Node EUI is like node ID.

  • @jkandasa Hi, thanks for your quick answer! Ihave uploaded on my Test-ESP8266 a firmware which comes with ESP Easy Mega Tool, because it's very easy to handle it. So i have no special firmware uploaded through Arduino IDE (this what you meant?).
    Today i found on the serverlog this interesting entry (many of them):

    2019-02-04 15:11:46,100 ERROR [Thread-6] [org.mycontroller.standalone.provider.mc.McProviderBridge:64] Unable to process this rawMessage:RawMessage(gatewayId=1, data=13.90, subData=out_esp, isTxMessage=false, networkType=MY_CONTROLLER, timestamp=1549289506089)
    org.mycontroller.standalone.message.RawMessageException: Unknown message format, Topic:out_esp, Payload:13.90
    	at org.mycontroller.standalone.provider.mc.McpRawMessage.updateMQTTMessage(McpRawMessage.java:97)
    	at org.mycontroller.standalone.provider.mc.McpRawMessage.<init>(McpRawMessage.java:64)
    	at org.mycontroller.standalone.provider.mc.McProviderBridge.executeRawMessage(McProviderBridge.java:58)
    	at org.mycontroller.standalone.message.McMessageUtils.sendToProviderBridge(McMessageUtils.java:577)
    	at org.mycontroller.standalone.message.MessageMonitorThread.processRawMessage(MessageMonitorThread.java:107)
    	at org.mycontroller.standalone.message.MessageMonitorThread.run(MessageMonitorThread.java:182)
    	at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:745)

    Looks like that humidty value was sent from ESP but the message format seems to be wrong ....

    BR Mark

  • @SmartMark MyController supports only for the following libraries,


  • First, Very thanks for this great project
    i would ask is node(esp8266) with MyControllerDevice lib code(relay example) will be added automatic to the system or what the process exact.
    i start the server and upload code (relay example) to my nodemcu and add the "esp devices gateway" but what is next ?? i stuck here.


  • @mostafa Can you show the edit page of the ESP devices Gateway page?

  • This post is deleted!

  • This gateway i created not automatic created

  • @mostafa topic names are case sensitive. looks like on your Arduino sketch you have supplied in_Esp. This should be in_esp and the same for out_esp too.

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