• MyContorller.org is an automation server. Using this controller we can automate IoT devices. You can control your home, office, green house, any place where sensor lives.

    Supported devices by MyController.org,

    What you can do with this server?

    In simple words,
    • Turn ON/OFF your garden lights based on sunrises/sunsets
    • Send notifications(SMS/Email/pushbullet) if motion detected on secured location.
    • Turn ON the room heater if temperature goes below 20° C
    • Turn ON water pump if water level goes low on your water tank
    • Fill water for your plant weekly two days
    • display outside weather
    • Turn OFF bathroom/toilet light if it is turned ON more than 30 minutes and no moment detected.
    • Gives nice(graphical) metrics on your sensor data
    • Get notification by Email, SMS, Pushbullet
    • Supports for script language, By default comes with JavaScript, Groovy support. We can easily extend support for Python, Ruby or any language which supports for JSR-223 scripting
    • and many more
    In technical view,
    • Collect all the sensors data and create metrics graph
    • can configure any number of rules, operations, timers
    • Forward payload from one sensor to another sensor
    • Multiple dashboards
    • node firmware update
    • monitor node, gateway, sensor
    System requirements
    • You can run MyContorller.org server in Linux, Mac, Windows, Raspberry PI device and in Java supported platform.
    • RAM (Memory): 100 MB or more
    • Disk space: 100 MB or more
    • Java 1.8 or later (JDK)

    Are you interested to see live demo? 😉 click here

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