Node name gets reset everytime I restart the node

  • I have an (almost fresh) installation of MyController 1.0.0.Final and an Arduino Nano node running the following piece of code:


    When I power off the node and power it on again, MyController finds it and continues collecting data, but the node name is being reset every time.


    I guess this is not the intended behavior, right?

    Is this an issue of MyController? Or is it an issue of the node itself? Where is the name stored? I guess the default comes from my code, but do I have to change the code for every sensor?

    Would be great if someone could help me understanding this.

  • @benhub Try the 'clear eeprom' sketch and then re-program your node.

    Also, upgrade to 1.4.0 snapshot as 1.0.0 is quite old now and many new features and fixes are in the latest version.

  • Aaah! Thanks! I wasn't aware of that. I just followed this getting started guide, and there is a link to the 1.0.0.Final. Would be better to have a link to the download page there.

  • Ok. I now upgraded to MyController 1.3.0.Final. There I executed the actions Erase configuration and Reboot for the sensor node but that did not help.

    I don't know if these actions really worked, but at least they didn't change anything.

    I'll try your suggestion with the erase sketch another day.

    But thanks for now for your quick reply!

  • @benhub This issue fixed on SNAPSHOT version, for details, have a look here:

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