• Hi,

    Is there documentation about what the setting of 'ack enabled' in mycontroller actually does and how I can use it with a node?

    I'd like to have a node re-send data if data gets lost somehow. Currently I have ack enabled in node with ",true" at the end of message send function, but I am not sure what/how mycontroller ack works with this?

    I understand that there is a HW ack between nrf24l01+ modules and there is also a SW ack in mysensors. So which of these is mycontroller using and how?

    Thanks! 🙂


  • @skywatch We are running out of document for more than years. I guess, it is time to update our document.

    MyController uses ack as follows when you enabled it,


    Here I have enabled Ack, retry count is 3, ack wait time 1800 ms and stream ack is disabled.

    Sends data to Gateway and wait for 1800 ms, if MyController receives an ack from gateway assumes this data delivered to the end node. Otherwise send the data once again to the gateway and wait for ack. This loop continues until it reaches the maximum retry count.

    Stream ack also works in the same way. OTA firmware update comes under stream data type. When we enable ack for firmware update data, it leads to super high delay on the firmware update, So I have introduced new option to disable ack only for stream data(firmware data). So firmware update will be running without ack enabled.

    I hope this clears ack concept in MyController?

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