google analytics enabled from version 1.4.0

  • If you use version 1.4.0 or above, please note Google analytics implemented and enabled by default.
    If you do not like you can disable it by setting in mycontroller/conf/ file.

    You can see this banner in mycontroller.log file when you start the MyController.

    ****************************************** Data Processing Agreement *******************************************
    By using this software you agree that the following non-PII (non personally identifiable information data       
    will be collected, processed and used by for the purpose of improving quality of this software.
    If you do not like to share anonymous data(non-PII), disable it in 'mycontroller/conf/'  
    by setting '' and **restart** this server and **logout and login** in the UI.   
                                              ------ Thank you! ------                                              

  • @jkandasa For version >2.0 you could add a radio button to enable/disable this?

    Will version 2.0 still work in standalone mode without need for internet access to function? This is crucial for me and why I left another controller for myc.

  • @skywatch Yes, I plan to give 2.x with the standalone mode. So no internet required. Good point I can give an option to enable/disable from UI.


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