Request: Within a graph, sensor variables should have consistent color

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    I have a graph that displays events for ~12 motion/door sensors within the last 12 hours. Events for Sensor-5 might be blue, or orange, or red...depending on how many other sensors were tripped in that same time frame.

    Example: I look at the graph at 10:00, and I see two events from two different sensors: motion at 5:00 from Sensor-1 (blue), motion at 6:30 from Sensor-5 (orange).

    The next day, I look at the graph at 10:00, and I see three events from three different sensor: 5:30 Sensor-1 (blue), 6:25 Sensor-3 (orange), 6:30 Sensor-5 (green).

    Yesterday, sensor-5 was orange, today sensor-5 is green. I always have to check the legend to figure out which sensors are in the graph.

    For each graph configured on a dashboard, there should be a fixed relationship between sensor variable <-> color.

    A tripped graph displays 5 sensor variables [Sensor1, Sensor2, Sensor3, Sensor4, Sensor5] over the last 12 hours.

    Yesterday at 10:00, there were 3 events in the last 12 hours: Sensor2 (orange), Sensor3 (green), Sensor4 (red).

    Today at 10:00, there were 2 events in the last 12 hours: Sensor2 (orange), Sensor4 (red).

    Whenever I look at the chart, I know orange is Sensor2, red is Sensor4.


  • @jkandasa


    I have numerous graphs with temp and humidity and the colours vary from one graph to the next, never did find a way to get them all the same...


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