Request: Within a graph, sensor variables should have consistent color

  • Problem
    I have a graph that displays events for ~12 motion/door sensors within the last 12 hours. Events for Sensor-5 might be blue, or orange, or red...depending on how many other sensors were tripped in that same time frame.

    Example: I look at the graph at 10:00, and I see two events from two different sensors: motion at 5:00 from Sensor-1 (blue), motion at 6:30 from Sensor-5 (orange).

    The next day, I look at the graph at 10:00, and I see three events from three different sensor: 5:30 Sensor-1 (blue), 6:25 Sensor-3 (orange), 6:30 Sensor-5 (green).

    Yesterday, sensor-5 was orange, today sensor-5 is green. I always have to check the legend to figure out which sensors are in the graph.

    For each graph configured on a dashboard, there should be a fixed relationship between sensor variable <-> color.

    A tripped graph displays 5 sensor variables [Sensor1, Sensor2, Sensor3, Sensor4, Sensor5] over the last 12 hours.

    Yesterday at 10:00, there were 3 events in the last 12 hours: Sensor2 (orange), Sensor3 (green), Sensor4 (red).

    Today at 10:00, there were 2 events in the last 12 hours: Sensor2 (orange), Sensor4 (red).

    Whenever I look at the chart, I know orange is Sensor2, red is Sensor4.

  • @ncollins Good point! I have created a ticket to resolve this request,

  • @jkandasa


    I have numerous graphs with temp and humidity and the colours vary from one graph to the next, never did find a way to get them all the same...

  • @jkandasa

    I notice that whatever colour I choose in settings>metrics, I don't see it in the graph. Should the colour for temperature set in metrics be displayed on a mixed sensor graph?

  • @skywatch I guess the color will work only with "A sensor graph", Not for grouped and mixed. In these graphs colors will be chosen randomly(we may have more than one same type variable in these graphs).

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