1.3.0 and 400:Bad Request

  • Hi

    I have this set up now on a pi3 with promini gateway and nrf24l01+.

    I have a node with 4 relays (and 4 local switches) that connects to the gw and then onto myc. So far so good.....

    But whenever I click the button to turn on or off a relay I always get the 400: Bad Request error pop-up (followed with ack data). I do not know how to solve this...

    Any ideas ????


    @skywatch Can you check it on network response in the browser? also, check the MyController.log.
    clearing cache resolves the issue some time.

    UPDATE: Initially, I understand your query wrongly. I guess the problem with the range. Can you disable the ack for that gateway and check it?

  • Range wasn't the issue as the relays still operated, just kept getting that damn pop-up message!

    I have disabled ack in the gateway and node, no more pop-ups. But now I don't know for sure the status of the relays and so back to the old problem of 'is it off or is it on?'

    As an aside, I have tracked some issues down to bad dupont cables from china - now soldering wires directly instead on new modules once the node works as intended....

    Anything you can suggest to get ack working without errors?


    @skywatch It is strange, that without ack it works for you and with ack is not working 😞
    can you post your gateway setting edit page? I want to see values for,

    • Ack enabled
    • Failed retry count
    • Ack wait time(Milliseconds)

  • No problem....

    Ack enabled - Ticked
    Failed retry count - 7
    Ack wait time(Milliseconds) - tried 2000 and 3500

    Thanks for the help 😉


    @skywatch All the values look better. Ack wait time(Milliseconds) value 2000 is big enough.
    Till now I didn't get any clue.

    Can you enable DEBUG for the followings and send the mycontroller/logs/mycontroller.log log file?

      <logger level="DEBUG" name="org.mycontroller.standalone.provider" />
      <logger level="DEBUG" name="org.mycontroller.standalone.provider.mysensors" />
      <logger level="DEBUG" name="org.mycontroller.standalone.gateway" />
      <logger level="DEBUG" name="org.mycontroller.standalone.gateway.ethernet" />
      <logger level="DEBUG" name="org.mycontroller.standalone.gateway.mqtt" />
      <logger level="DEBUG" name="org.mycontroller.standalone.gateway.serial" />

  • Of course! 🙂

    Give me a few days as its the World Cup and amazingly England are still hanging in there 🙂


    @skywatch Sure, enjoy! have a fun time


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