• When i open the sensors tab it displays the loading screen indefinitely, loads the top bard and displays the spinning circle saying loading. However if i first select the node and view the sensors from the link there it loads fine. i can then open and view the sensors and all display expected values. i only have one sensor node running on an Arduino, the controller is running on a Raspberry PI Model B.
    Any ideas as to why this is occurring and how to remedy this issue?

  • been looking over my logs its appears to be an issue with the sql server i see an error "Database may be already in use: null. Possible solutions: close all other connection(s); use the server mode [90020-194]", i am getting these error after a reboot and with no nodes installed, i removed them as part of my trouble shooting. i also see a "java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Unknown version 58315 [1.4.194/0]". hopefully this additional info will help.

  • @pighair47 Can you post version details of MyController? Will be available at Staus --> About.
    Also send your mycontroller.log to my email address jkandasa at gmail dot com

  • @jkandasa

    Version 1.2.0.Final

    Email has been sent containing the log file.

  • i have been looking this over for a bit an noticed that if i add a node and access its sensors through the method i mentioned earlier, the count in the upper left is off, it says "Showing 1 to 3 of 4". However the attached node only has 3 sensors attached and no additional nodes are present. this leads me to believe there is a sensor in the database with a required filed blank leading to the error. this was probably due to me adding and removing nodes while trying to build an arduino node. thoughts on this conclusion ? is there a way to reset the database ?

  • @pighair47 Thank you for the hints. Let me have a look in detail.

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