Inclusion mode not supported by this controller

  • Hello,

    i am newbie with mysensors and mycontroller, so please excuse my stupid question.

    I installed sketch from in version 1.5.4. I am using serial gateway that is working and a friend of me assigned one of my nodes an ID (102).

    Now I would like to add more nodes to my gateway, but when I enable the inclusion mode by button, I see the following error message in mycontroller.log:
    2016-07-06 21:20:11,148 WARN [Thread-4] [org.mycontroller.standalone.mysensors.MySensorsMessageEngine:251] Inclusion mode not supported by this controller! Message:NodeId:0,ChildSensorId:0,MessageType:3,Ack:0,SubType:5,Payload:1

    When I use the discovery function, I get this error message:
    2016-07-06 21:36:24,221 WARN [Thread-4] [org.mycontroller.standalone.mysensors.MySensorsMessageEngine:318] Internal Message[type:I_PRESENTATION,payload:null], This type may not be supported (or) not implemented yet

    Does somebody have any hints?


  • @dd8aka does not support for inclusion mode. I do not know how this works. By default this will accept all the nodes. If you are using released version, you might not see some features. Kindly use this version (development version) and report bugs if any.

    If you think inclusion mode is very important for controller, kindly create new enhancement for under with detail. Thank you!

  • @jkandasa Thank you for your reply. I will check with the suggested version and com back with feedback.


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