newbie question - MySensors serial gateway

  • Hi @ all!

    New to home automation and eager to implement some sort on home automation in the flat.
    However I have two main issue at the moment:
    I have a few mysensors assembled with pro mini 3.3v 8Mhz, and all seem to work fine.
    MyController is running on raspi B+ with a Arduino Nano connected via USB as serial gateway. I get the data alright and everything seems to work, but when I reboot the raspi the interface of the gateway seems to change every time. Once its /dev/ttyAMA0 after the next reboot its ttyUSB0, the again AMA0.
    What am I doing wrong or do my WLAN USB dongle and/or wireless keyboard dongle mix up the USB config of the raspi?
    Any ideas?

    The second one is, that when the server stars on the raspi I always the this message:

    *2016-05-31 10:32:31,810 ERROR [main] [org.mycontroller.standalone.AppProperties:342] Unable to create tmp location, Location:tmp/

    I tried creating the folder tmp in various locations with different rights. No success. Is this a normal issue , can I ignore it?
    I also changed the setting from tmp to ../tmp or /home/pi/mycontroler/tmp..... etc.

    Thanks for your help.

    Cheers from AT

  • @scottyaustria

    For USB name change problem please refer:

    2016-05-31 10:32:31,810 ERROR [main] [org.mycontroller.standalone.AppProperties:342] Unable to create tmp location, Location:tmp/

    Simply ignore this error ^^^ which is fixed in recent version of MyController.

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