OTA/MYSBootloader & IDE upload

  • i attempt OTA and is working but confused about the "Default" firmware setting in mycontroller gui. i set a default firmware but choose disable upload on no fw stting. rpi mysgw ethernet gw, rf24 direct on pi. mycontroller on kvm.

    My nodes use MYSBootloader. I will upload a sketch to my node via serial/IDE, and when it joins the network the FW is replaced with the default had set....

    is that suppose to happen? Does MYSBootloader prevent me from uploading sketch to a node via IDE. so in otherwords a node with MYSBootloader can only be program with OTA and not from serial/arduino ide?

    sorry if i am being dense and missed something. i search and search forums and doc but cant find any topic about default/MYSBootLoader


  • RTFM right? i found the alpha document that explains what those two settings mean

    I am still researching how MySbootloader request fw.

  • @matth1187

    • FirmwareRequest - When you reboot your node(with MysBootloader) it reports to the controller(here MyController) about current firmware type, version, and CRC.

    • FirmwareResponse - MyController looks node id and configured firmware for that node in MyController database. And sends to the node as the response (response includes firmware, type, version, and CRC.). If the node sees a different it asks firmware from the controller.

    • Default Firmware - If you enabled this feature if MyController receives a firmwareRequest, and there is no firmware configured for the node. In this case, MyController sends default firmware details to the node.


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