• Hi there,
    I'm new to the forum and trying to use mycontroller for my project. First of all thanks Jeeva for dedicating time for mycontroller.
    I like to know if there is a way to send parameterized SMS messages like email templates. I like to send SMS including node name, sensor value and alert time.

  • @abdusahin Thank you! Welcome to MyController community!

    Data from the document.

    This will work only if your operation called by a Rule.

    NOTE: SMS, Email, Pushbullet note supports for custom messages with keys. key's will be replaced with actual value at runtime.'

    ===== Supported keys on custom messages
    You can apply the following keys for this filed.

    • notification.ruleName - Rule definition name
    • notification.ruleCondition - Rule condition details
    • notification.actualValue - Actual value of the resource at the time of trigger
    • notification.triggeredAt - Rule trigger time
    • notification.operationName - Operation name

    Custom message example: Inside temperature goes too high! Current temperature is ${notification.actualValue}

  • Thanks @jkandasa for a quick reply.
    I'll give it a try when i get time.

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