Weatherdata structure question

  • Hi Jeeva

    I have been running the new Wunderground gateway feature for a few days now. And here is a few questions:

    1. When I make a ressource that transfers all data to influxdb, I can only get the direction for wind. Its as if the rest of the data in the wind package is ignored?

    2. The method I use is the location identifier, and now I have several different nodes, some of them are "down" - is it possible to stick all data on the same nodes despite the name from Wunderground might differ. I think they are chossing the best option which is up, and giving meaningful data AND being close to the coordinates provided.

  • Hello @njbuch I have just completed a MySensors Project for an 8 valve water sprinkler system, it requires Wunderground App to run, however, I just noticed that as at today, the service no longer exists for free. So I have opted for another alternative, Open Weather Services. I have obtained a key.

    Do you think I have set it up right? Do you have other/better alternatives from open weather data that are MyController friendly? See a screen shot of my setup.0_1543961255916_Open weather.png

  • @emenike External service is used to send data to external services. Means, you can send your sensor data to external providers.

    To collect data from Wunderground, you should create a gateway. Follow this:

    I see Wunderground stop their service by 31-Dec-2018. But they have mentioned they will come with a plan for personal users with a limited query.

    For developers who use WU API data for non-commercial purposes, you will have access to a new plan for a personal use, low call volume API. Stay tuned for more details as we build this out.

  • @jkandasa I thought I was wrong, perhaps you stopped reading at some point, but I had to go back and read some more, and I will do a short summary here to save your time from reading it all over again.

    From all indications the Wundergroung community are a little bit disturbed by IBM who took over the crowd sourcing data service and now run it solely as a Business. The new management has given notice to stop serving free data and are now at a crossroads with their personal weather station PWS owners who upload these small packets of data to them for free (and have been doing so for over many many years.). The new management has committed to allow these PWS data suppliers to continue to enjoy free and easy access to their own data, but not the entire crowd sourced data - They have created an alternate purpose built service for this, albeit, at a small fee - $200/month.

    From my own perspective, the service is closed for good to people like us, thinkerers and hobbyist who only want to read a tiny snippet of that record. As non-commercial users (including educationist) one would expect the WU to leave a window open, but their deadline will be in a few more days, and at this time, they have not yet provided any other access that is cheap enough for poor ppl like me, so I will say this door is shut for real.
    In summary, below are the two comments that capture the essence of the ongoing fight. I wont hold my breath on this one, i am looking for an alternative.
    WU Closing.png

  • @Emenike Thanks for the great lines. Yes, you are right. Seems like, from 01-Jan-2019, we should have an alternative.

  • In the past when WU was down for a while I used yahoo weather. Yahoo weather is still free or if you look at my thread on this forum you can see how to get data from metcheck, which gives excellent forecasts and much more on their site.

  • @skywatch Please can you create a link to the free weather service you are refereeing to. Metcheck. Thanks

  • @Emenike

    You will need to change for the location you want data.

  • @skywatch so how do I create an end point to use this in MyController?

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