• I am happily announce that MyController.org released it major milestone of 0.0.3-alpha1 release.

    Download page.
    Demo server.
    This page not completed fully. Still I am working on day by day I cover entire project in documents. Still I can help you. You can post your queries.

    If you face issues report to GitHub issues page.

    New Features

    • Backend refactored to support multiple gateways and to give support for other networks
    • GUI completely changed. moved to PatterntFly.org
    • Backup/restore via GUI
    • Migration support
    • Dashboard, can have more than one dashboard. customizable dashboard
    • Pushbullet note notification support
    • SMS vendor Twilio support
    • Role based authentication. can assign resources for role
    • Simple timer support
    • Resources groups(scene) support
    • Map resources to rooms
    • Sensors action board view list view and card view
    • Resources logs more friendly now
    • Can see MyController.org server log on GUI
    • New language support added
    • customizable chart type and color for each sensor type
    • Metrics/Imperial units support
    • Nodes, sensors detailed view page
    • friendly sensors value change support
    • and many more

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