• is there any instructions anywhere? I am new to the whole mysensors deal. I think I have the general idea but where is the noob walk through? I have look allover and cantfind any step ny step instructions. im using a r3w/5100 shield and windows 7. also im planning on using this to sample soil moisture of plants in a green house and water when needed. after I understand things better I would like toad more climate controls. is mycontroller a good place to start? What would you recommend. I was also looking at domicas. Any help is very appreciated.

  • @jayjaytocool Just add your soil moisture and water control sensors on MyController and create some rules as per your requirement.

  • @jayjaytocool What kind of getting started would help? I've not had time/reason to get into the more complex portions of the software, but I have installed *MySensors *& MyController (working together) many, many times and configured for environmental stuff.
    I see you are using a 5100 gateway, which is wired Ethernet, but I don't know what an r3w is. I wouldn't mind doing a recording of something if you are still interested, but I'm using a serial gateway for now with several nRF24 wireless nodes.

  • Right now I can even get to see "mycontroller" from my browser. I've got a long way to go. Lol

    R3w = uno r3

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