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  • HI,

    Under win10 64bit with firefox ver 54.0.1 (32bit) I get messages after some time saying that a script has stopped responding and a choice to contiune, stop the script or shutdown the page.
    It has happened enoughto notice it now, I'll try and connect the gateway/controller pi to a monitor and see if I get the same issues...


    @skywatch For now I do not have windows 10 setup. Can you post the screenshot? Do you see any error on mycontroller.log?

  • The following is repeated lots throught the log.......

    2017-07-19 16:39:00,087 ERROR [Thread-7] [org.mycontroller.standalone.message.MessageMonitorThread:119] Throws exception while processing!, [RawMessage(gatewayId=3, data=null, subData=out_rpiagent/rpi-gpio/temperature_ds18b20/C_SET/V_TEMP/0, isTxMessage=false, networkType=MY_CONTROLLER, timestamp=1500478740018)]
    java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: "null"
    	at sun.misc.FloatingDecimal.readJavaFormatString(FloatingDecimal.java:2043)
    	at sun.misc.FloatingDecimal.parseDouble(FloatingDecimal.java:110)
    	at java.lang.Double.parseDouble(Double.java:538)
    	at java.lang.Double.valueOf(Double.java:502)
    	at org.mycontroller.standalone.utils.McUtils.getDouble(McUtils.java:100)
    	at org.mycontroller.standalone.utils.McUtils.getDouble(McUtils.java:95)
    	at org.mycontroller.standalone.message.McMessageEngine.updateSensorVariable(McMessageEngine.java:886)
    	at org.mycontroller.standalone.message.McMessageEngine.recordSetTypeData(McMessageEngine.java:970)
    	at org.mycontroller.standalone.message.McMessageEngine.execute(McMessageEngine.java:108)
    	at org.mycontroller.standalone.message.McMessageEngine.run(McMessageEngine.java:1090)
    	at org.mycontroller.standalone.message.McMessageUtils.sendToMcMessageEngine(McMessageUtils.java:662)
    	at org.mycontroller.standalone.provider.mc.McProviderBridge.executeRawMessage(McProviderBridge.java:59)
    	at org.mycontroller.standalone.message.McMessageUtils.sendToProviderBridge(McMessageUtils.java:577)
    	at org.mycontroller.standalone.message.MessageMonitorThread.processRawMessage(MessageMonitorThread.java:107)
    	at org.mycontroller.standalone.message.MessageMonitorThread.run(MessageMonitorThread.java:182)
    	at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:745)

    The error message is as follows......

    Hope that helps you find the problem (maybe not connected though?)


    Yes, it is not connected, but this messages from MCAgent, data as null. It supposed should not be.

    RawMessage(gatewayId=3, data=null, subData=out_rpiagent/rpi-gpio/temperature_ds18b20/C_SET/V_TEMP/0, isTxMessage=false, networkType=MY_CONTROLLER, timestamp=1500478740018)

    Do you have ds18b20 attached with your RPI? If no please go and disable temperature_ds18b20 on mcagent/conf/devices.yaml.
    You can disable all the devices which are not in use. restart mcagnet.

    When you update this, this issue might get resolved, http://forum.mycontroller.org/topic/173/high-memory-usage-is-this-normal/3

  • Thanks for the fast reply.

    I have done as you said and set them all to 'false' (except the internal ones which I need)....

    I'll see how it goes and I will surely let you know one way or the other! 😉

    Now another question, is there anything in MYC that might affect the normal functioning of PWM in physical pin 11?


    @skywatch said:

    Now another question, is there anything in MYC that might affect the normal functioning of PWM in physical pin 11?

    I see physical pin 11 is GPIO 0, which is used on default example configuration. So this will affect your PWM on physical number 11.
    For Pin details please refer, http://pi4j.com/pin-numbering-scheme.html

    - id: sample_digital_in_gpio_0
      name: Sample digital input switch
      type: DIGITAL_IN
      enabled: false
        pin: gpio 0
        pull_resistance: pull_up
        debounce_interval: 100

    To recover back to original function, disable sample_digital_in_gpio_0 on mcagent/conf/devices.yaml and reboot your PI.

  • Physical pin 11 is GPIO17. https://pinout.xyz/#

    I ask because on all my rpi I have added temperature conrtolled fan with PWM control. They all work, except on the one running MYC. So I thought I would ask if there was any conflict somewhere? Hmmm...Just a thought but would McAgent block another python program getting the cpu temperature? That would cause a problem too.....


    @skywatch Yes, MCAgent uses the same pin(Physical pin 11 is GPIO17). When you disable this pin on mcagent/conf/devices.yaml no need to worry.

    • MCAgent uses pi4j library to access gpio pins.
    • pi4j follows two type of pin mapping.
      • WiringPi Pin Numbering Scheme (Default)
      • Broadcom Pin Numbering Scheme
    • by default uses WiringPi Pin Numbering Scheme, where physical pin number 11 is gpio 0
    • kindly read this page for more information: http://pi4j.com/pin-numbering-scheme.html

    Just a thought but would McAgent block another python program getting the cpu temperature?

    I believe it won't. Do you face any issue?

  • Just setting up again and tried this - No problem at all! - Thank you!


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