Is it possible to use device with udp protocol ?

  • Hello
    What do you think about UDP ?
    Is it possible to add an udp listener ? (like node-red)
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  • @Stephan35 Yes, this good request. However when we use UDP, we may end up with data loss.

  • Thanks,
    I know about dataloss with udp .
    Too many data send may flood lan.
    Also i tried async udp with esp8266 , created a mesh with other esp work fine.
    in fact i losed data when sending or receiving tcp request pendind udp request.
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  • @Stephan35 We have to design UDP based structure to send receive data. Let me find out a way. Give me some hints, if you have any?

  • @jkandasa said:

    Give me some hints, if you have any?

    ok, i go again with udp and node-red , i will send you back all i understood.

    2 way for node ,
    first in loop every 150ms max , listen udp port (i will confirm back).
    second , use async udp of menodev wich work fine for me.

    So that mean MyController maybe have to get also async udp to unmiss udp data.

    I meet some issue with broadcasting, because i created mesh in udp.

    Also i used ascii udp datagramm , basic but easiest way for me : something like "down|nodename|get|gpio1"

    Every node can read udp, so , it is very important to specify way and kind of action.

    Hope will help.

    Best regards.

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