• Hello,
    I'm Fabien from France (Bordeaux) and using MySensors since more than 1 years.
    Actually for my home automation :

    • MySensors network with 5 sensors (SenseBender with some hacks) and in few month about 20 (Relay, ORP/PH, blinds ...)
    • OpenEVSE for electric car (Nissan LEAF) and ESP8266 with EspLink firmware
    • Remora (https://github.com/hallard/remora_soft) for Heating system and monitoring Energy on mains
    • Milight bulbs
    • Kodi system with tvheadend in front (DVB-T2)
    • Odroid C1 with node-red for automation

    For the future I will have a RFLink to control my pellet stove.

    After long hours of test, I will switch my HA to MyController. OpenHab2 is a good candidate too but I prefer MyController because Mysensors have a very good support.

    Actually I test a fake MySensors MQTT Gateway with nodered to translate things like OpenEVSE or Remora to fake MySensors Node.

    Actually I work on ORP sketch for my swimming pool (code on github)

  • @Fabien Thank you! We got one more supporter for MyController 😄
    Have a fun with home automation!

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