Philips Hue support help

  • Hi @jkandasa,

    I have some hue (Smart light from philips) and I would like to control them from MyController. Is there any plan to support this third party?

    If not, I'd like to help adding this feature. I’m actually a java developper (but more a back-end one).
    Basically I would like to :
    - Command the light using the « Sensor custom buttons » widget.
    - Turn off the light if the room is empty since 1 hour.

    In fact, I already start to take a look at MyController project, I just miss the web/html part but soon. I also found the HUE sdk, so if nobody on it yet, I can search more .



    @Fraid Thank you for your interest. We have to add the provider for the third party. You can see available providers here

    Please add new ticket to track this feature on issues page.

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