Exporting Sensor Data

  • According to github issue #6 and as of 0.0.2 there is an option to export sensor data as a CSV

    I'm using 0.0.3.Alpha2 and for the life of me I can't find that option, it's not in the documentation as far as I can see. was this feature dropped or am I just too blind to see it!?


    @fireballxl5 Yes, this feature dropped from 0.0.3 versions. If you really want we may introduce this feature as utils.

  • okay, yes I think it would be a useful feature - but perhaps I'm just using CSV export as a work around, what would be more useful to a wider audience I think is a option / widget that allows navigation of historical values in table form?

    e.g. for an on off device or a scene controller (enumerated scenes) everything is currently presented as a line graph / bar chart and to see the history need to move the mouse back and forth to find historical data (the time that a pir detected motion etc) - not practical to look back to a previous week.

    The MyNodes project has a dashboard widget type 'log' that shows a list of the time a message was received and the message value.

    I appreciate that not all messages are kept (on off messages are but things like temperate are averaged out to minute, hourly, values etc)


    Do not forget to create ticket on issues page to track this one.

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