Timer issue in 0.0.3-FINAL-Alpha2

  • @jkandasa I've created a timer in 0.0.3-FINAL Alpha 2 and they seem to be failing.

    I have a timer setup to do a simple PushBullet notify timer runs and then stops but no push is sent and the following is seen in the log:

    206 ERROR [Quartz_Scheduler_Worker-7] [org.mycontroller.standalone.operation.model.OperationSendPushbulletNote:128] Timer will not support for this operation

  • Should also mention this also does not work for E-Mail Notify:

    550 ERROR [Quartz_Scheduler_Worker-5] [org.mycontroller.standalone.operation.model.OperationSendEmail:145] Timer will not support for this operation


    @imedia This is known limitation, please refer http://forum.mycontroller.org/topic/60/timers-error

  • Ok @jkandasa,

    I see you point, however, I believe a case for the ability to send e-mail and or push notifications from a timer is valid.

    Here is a usage case:

    If you have a sensor that senses whether a door is open when the door opens the timer is started to make sure the door is closed within a set amount of time. If it is not the timer expires and sends a notification. If the door closes before the timer expires a separate rule disables the timer before the notification is sent.

    Am I thinking right on this or is there a better way for me to achieve what I'm doing. I'm unclear on the dampening option under rules. Maybe an option to trigger an Operation after a set amount of time that a Sensor Variable remains in a set state? Could we add that functionality maybe?



    @imedia Sure, I will may it work for timer too. Kindly open a support case on https://github.com/mycontroller-org/mycontroller/issues

    Thank you!

  • @imedia said:

    206 ERROR [Quartz_Scheduler_Worker-7] [org.mycontroller.standalone.operation.model.OperationSendPushbulletNote:128] Timer will not support for this operation

    Issue #301 Created: https://github.com/mycontroller-org/mycontroller/issues/301

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