MQTT sensors support?

  • Hi,

    I'm publishing sensor data from another source to MyController MQTT broker. But I cannot see them in MyController? I like to be able to use them as normal MySensors variables. What am I missing here? Do I need to use any special topic?


    @Redferne You have to subscribe those topics. and should be in MySensors format

  • @jkandasa

    Ok, great! How do I subscribe to them, inside MyController? What is the MySensor format?
    Any documentation available?


    Now support MyController supports it's own format on SNAPSHOT version. MyController format is here

    You can see MySensors API details on here.

  • @jkandasa

    Wonderful, now things are a bit easier. Just need to use expected MQTT Topic format. I have debugging set to TRACE level, so I should be to see any messages received by the MyController broker and client?


    @Redferne Yes, When you set this line <logger level="DEBUG" name="org.mycontroller.standalone.gateway.mqtt" /> on conf/logback.xml you can see MQTT debug logs.

  • @jkandasa what is the difference between mysensors mqtt and mycontroller mqtt gateways?


    @paul MyCointroller gateway designed to support MyController specific devices, for now It supports for Raspberry PI via RPI-agent and ESP8266. I have changed MQTT format for this. hence we have different type of MQTT formats.

    Please note MyController Supported not released yet, hence you may see some changes before release.

  • @jkandasa nice. I see support for standalone esp8266 sensors to use mqtt to communicate with mycontroller soon. Looking forward to some Arduino examples to use mycontroller-device library

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