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  • I am new to Home Automation and am looking at MyController for automating my home. Is there a way to interface with MyController with a mobile app. Can we see the Dashboards that at configured in an android app. Appreciate your feedback.


    MyController comes with default web interface. However you can do actions via REST API. You can visit demo app to see GUI http://demo.mycontroller.org/
    For mobile client still there is no time line, https://github.com/mycontroller-org/mycontroller/issues/56
    however you can use default web interface in modern browsers on mobile too.

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  • @jkandasa

    True!, use mycontroller on my Huawei cell phone, if the mobile version of the page is not sufficient, you can also request the desktop version from the browser menu.

    Have to admit, works pretty good in chrome on a 4 inch cell phone


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