Forgotten password

  • Hi there, I have installed mycontroller on a raspberry pi and have not logged in for some time. Now I realized, I have forgotten password, please, is there any way to hack it? I can login to the raspberry. I do not want to lose logged data. Thank you :)



    If you are using MyController 0.0.3-alpha1 version,

    Note: First you have to STOP(mycontroller/bin/ MyController server

    Download and extract in to your raspberry PI.
    java -cp h2/bin/h2*.jar

    URL       jdbc:h2:/opt/mycontroller/conf/mycontroller
    Driver    org.h2.Driver
    User      mycontroller
    Password  mycontroller

    Set your path exactly with the above command.
    you will get sql> execute select * from user; will display your password.

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