Connecting to Phillips HUE

  • HI! i'm trying to connect to my Phillip hue bridge but i have no clue on how to achive this.
    I found there is a Rest API but i don't know how to use it.

    Any help?




    Note: URL should point your Philips HUE bridge IP.

    Kindly refer this for detailed implementation.

  • Thanks! but i don't have that option. Justa MySensors and Sparkfun. Maybe i have an older version? i downloaded from the home page. Should y git clone the master repo?

    Thanks again and EXCELENT JOB!


    @fcostazini Use the SNAPSHOT version

  • @jkandasa THanks! i'll try it right away

  • @jkandasa The philip hue gateway is up and running but i can't add any sensor. I mean i can't find or autodetect any. should i add them manually? in that case, how?


    @fcostazini I guess sensors will be added automatically. @Fraid can guide in detail.

  • Got it!

    For future references: First, the IP address of the philip Hue should include the protocol: "", second, you should generate a new user for philip hue (with any app like postman) like this: First, press the sync button on the philip hue bridge
    post -> url:" -> body: raw -> {"devicetype":"philipseHueauthorizedUser xyz"} . This will get you a new user. That's the user you should use.

    That's it.


  • The problem now is that i can't create an operation for the lights to turn them ON or OFF. Toggle is working just fine. Any sugestion?


    @fcostazini What is the issue are you facing?

  • @jkandasa When i create an operation with Toggle, the lights work like a charm. But if i try with ON or OFF nothing happend. In the log i see it says:

     [org.mycontroller.standalone.message.McActionEngine:145] Not supported opration! OperationTable for sensor variable:[On]


    @fcostazini Kindly use 0 for OFF and 1 for ON as a payload.

  • @jkandasa It's working! Thanks. it would be great to have a simple tool to create massive operations. Like "create all ON operation for selected Binary sensors" or something like that.

    Thanks again!

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