How would I connect this, Raspberry Pi, RFM69 and Arduino

  • Hi all
    I'm been running (THE BEST CONTROLLER...) on a Raspberry Pi with NRF24 radios for some time without any problems, but I do have a bit of a range issue. So I decided to invest in some RFM69 radios, the problem comes in when using MySensors, there is no support at the moment for Raspberry PI's and RFM69 radios, so if I build a serial gateway on an Arduino pro mini with a RFM69 radio, how would I connect the Raspberry to the Arduino? Keeping the controller running on the Raspberry PI,
    Any Ideas on this please?


    @esawyja You can use Raspberry PI built in Tx/Rx pins with your arduino. [OR] you can go with USB-TTL <> Arduino pro mini.

  • Thanks @jkandasa


    @esawyja Also MyControllerDevice supports for ESP8266 with MyController specific protocol.

  • Thanks, but I want to stay away from the crowded 2.4Ghz band, I've learned my lesson :-)

  • Hi @jkandasa , when you say "Raspberry PI built in Tx/Rx pins with your Arduino" , does this mean, build a serial gateway on a Arduino Mini pro and connect the tx and rx pins 0_1490779496472_image.png
    directly to the raspberry pi? Or must I use something like the Nano and connect the Nano to the Raspberry PI with serial to USB?

    What would your suggestion be for sending the sensor data to the cloud, I was thinking

    "Sensor - ProMini with 433Mhz radio" >> "Serial Gateway - ProMini with 433Mhz radio" >> "Some Connection to Rapberry Pi" >> "Raspberry PI with MyController and GSM modem"



    @esawyja You can connect promini directly with Tx/Rx of Raspberry PI. Kindly check voltage range of your promini and RPI pins.
    Have a look on this ticket:

  • Thank you @jkandasa

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