Need volunteer to test dualboot OTA with MyController


    Hello, I need volunteer to test dualboot(with external flash memory) OTA with MyController. I have tested MYSBootloader with MyController and works well. I do not have any hardware to test dualboot. If any one have this setup and intersterd on MyController kindly use this SNAPSHOT version

  • Hello ,
    If i can do it, with pleasure .
    Best regards


    @Stephan35 If you have MySensors node with external flash, you are the one we are looking :)

  • I do not use MySensors node (with NRF24)
    I only use zwave and esp8266 node .
    So will buy some nrf24 to test with my uno
    just have to wait a little ..... 3 weeks :grimacing:

    Oops, do you think about this product : NRF24L01 smd

    I will take also these : NRF24L01

  • @jkandasa

    which firmware should bein the arduino? optiboot or MYSBootloader?
    also just ordered some external flash to test



    @Tag Thank you for your interest. optiboot needs to be tested.

  • @jkandasa

    Okay, will test as soon as my external flash arrives!
    (sorry for the delay.... tought i had the i2c flash around but unfortunately not...)

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