Accessing data from email template

  • Hello everyone!

    I have a problem with sending node data using an email template. When I manually run the template with the linked script, I see a nice HTML table of data (it is the node data table example in the documentation).

    But when I use the send email trigger rule to start the operation, I cant specify my script and thus the template of course does not access the data provided from the script:

    var nodes = mcApi.node().getAll(options);

    and in the mail template the connection is provided thru

    <#list as item>

    So the question is probably how can I access the nodes data from within the mail template without using a script :-)


    @Velo17 we cannot access node data. Kindly create a ticket to pass resource(node, gateway, sensors, whatever used on condition)

  • okay, i added a ticket. Good to know that I dont need to search further :-)


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