PIR Motion Detection rules

  • Hi,

    I want a PIR sensor to trigger a few actions to light up selected groups, but only if some other sensor shows that it is actually dark outside. And when PIR sensor sends no motion state I want to delay 1minute before turn off selected groups, but only if it is dark/sun is down.

    I'm guessing this should be fairly simple but no matter how I try to combine Rules/Timers/Operations I cannot get it to work.

    Also, what is the function of "Delay" in Operations? Is there a delay before payload is sent or after? What is the purpose? :trollface:



    , what is the function of "Delay" in Operations? Is there a delay before payload is sent or after? What is the purpose? :trollface:

    Payload will be sent after this delay.

    We can achieve this setup by using a timer, operation and rule.

    1. Create an operation to turn ON a group.

    2. Create an operation to turn OFF a group.

    3. Create a rule, when a motion detected

    4. Create a rule, when no motion detected for a minute

    5. Create operations to enable rules( 3 and 4)

    6. Create operations to disable rules( 3 and 4)

    7. Create a timer to enable rules (3 and 4), on sunsets

    8. Create a timer to disable rules (3 and 4), on sunrises

    All done :)

  • Many thanks. Now I'm getting further, however point 4 never fires when dampening active for x minutes. This is a RFLink 433Mhz PIR which is mapped as Status ON/OFF, but I guess it doesn't matter. Thanks!


    @Redferne Thank you! There was an issue with active time. I have added the fix, and it is available on SNAPSHOT build. Can you give a try with recent SNAPSHOT version?

  • Works great now! Thank you for your support!

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